party of NO nope’s a boycott

This has been a hell of a start to it all. We’re not even two weeks in. Damn.

Today, February 1, 2016, Senate Republicans–who have, if you’ll recollect, spent the last eight fucking years intentionally and proudly being party of NO and NOPE, even at cost to their constituents–today suspended the US rule of law so they could disregard the Democrat Senators boycott/ objection and move forward with Trump’s nominations.


You mean this whole time the laws were optional? We never had to actually fucking pay attention to the goddamn obstructionism the GOP enacted during Obama’s administration? You’re telling me US democracy was a sham all along, and the democrats are the only ones falling for it?

Jesus fucking fuck!

Apropos of nothing, have you ever heard of the Enabling Act? I was curious how Hitler went had gone from democratically elected official to mad dictator, so I looked it up. Kind of interesting, actually. Turns out, the Nazi’s had formed a coalition with Nationalists for expedience (huh) and acquired about 40 percent popular support (huh!), which, according to a quirk of the Weimer constitution meant the head of their party was appointed Chancellor (basically VP, it sounds like) and got to command the state police (huh!).

Then in February, about a month after Chancellor Hitler got all chancellored up, this fire burned down the parliament building, and Hitler and all his tools blamed it on the goddamn communists (surprise! You were expecting something else? I guess sometimes bigots mix it up, just to keep you on your toes).

Chancellor Hitler seized on the fire as an excuse to get the president (who, apparently, was not 100% there, mentally speaking), to approve this dickweed emergency degree basically imposing martial law for the “protection and safety of the people,” which suspended individual rights and the due process of law.

It seems the Fire Decrees were supposed to be temporary, but like so many horrific, invasive things that increase the might of the already-powerful (*cough* NSA spy program *cough*) it was not. Two months later, when the parliamentary elections were held, Hitler pushed through the Enabling Act to seize power as leader of the third reich, now recognized by history as the mass-murdering dictator of Germany.

The thing about the Enabling Act, which granted Hitler permanent leadership and dispensed with the German electoral process and constitution, was that it was allegedly voted in democratically.

Much like today’s vote with the Senate Republicans, there was a democratic process of law that was, nominally, followed to push through the Senate Nominations despite Democrat opposition. Likewise, Hitler did follow the legislative process in place to legally cement his dictatorship–he needed a 2/3 majority vote to pass the Enabling Act, and he got it. In effect, the parliament voted away their electoral rights by 441 to 84.

True, Hitler had been intimidating his political opponents with his Fire Decree powers by deploying state police to arrest and intimidate them prior to the vote–and only 44 percent actually voted, which is rather less than a 2/3 majority, but hey! Of the ones who weren’t too scared to show up, they overwhelmingly voted Hitler, and we all know what Trumputin says about voters–only the ones who show up matter!




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