Shuffle Prompt

Prompt: Put your music player on shuffle and put the first three songs that play and what your initial thought is.

Song 1: Girls Want Rock, Free Energy

I think this was a free Google download. It reminds me of something … like that 90s movie Can’t Hardly Wait, or one of the songs from Clueless or something. It’s peppy and upbeat that way. Right now it’s doing this line, “She’s in love-love-love (video style)” that kinda reminds me of the film Shrek. Anyway, it’s an upbeat song that reminds me of a lot of the fun films of my teen years.

Song 2: Young and Beautiful, Lana Del Rey

I always feel kind of sad when I listen to this song, but it’s a sweet and achey sort of sadness. I already feel like I’m no longer “young and beautiful.” It’s funny how relative it all is, you know? I’ve seen pictures of my mom at 36. She had four kids by then, and she looked tired and worn out. My brother leans against her side, and she holds me in her pink-suited lap, a frozen smile fixed on her face. Compared to her at the same age, only a generation later, my skin is smoother and tauter; younger and springier. I am a little heavier, but there are fewer stress lines. We are the same age in photographs, but I am younger. You go back in the photographs, and people get older the further back you go. It gets harder to guess their ages. Exposure to the sun and wind, poor diet, all that sort of thing … after awhile, you start thinking, “Hmmm, 27?” and you turn over the photograph and are surprised to see it marked as an 18 year old. The women in their 30s look like what you would imagine a woman in her 40s or 50s to look like. It’s crazy.

Song 3: Stronger, Kanye West

Ah, gods, this is embarrassing. Just, I don’t even … it was a different time. I dunno. Can I get a do-over? Do-over? Lets do a do-over.

Song 3: Self-Preservation, The Lucksmiths

Oooooh! I love this song! I kind of think of this as “our” song, John’s and mine. It’s right up there with Tim Minchin’s “If I Didn’t Have You.” First verse of Self-Preservation says it all:

Breakfast, sat on a Japanese mattress
Getting this happy takes practice
The world would be duller without us
Blacklist anyone who tries to attack this
They can say what they like but the fact is
They know nothing about us




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