Strange Fruit

(Prompt: A fruit you dislike and why)

I am not super fond of apples. I like some apples, but it seems that whenever I start liking a certain type of apple, everything I like about it disappears in a year or so.

For example, as a child I ate Red Delicious apples. I recall losing a loose tooth in the crisp bite of a Red Delicious. I remember how the skin stretched, shiny red and taut, over that white crunchy interior, and how the juices dribbled down my chin.

Somewhere over the next decade or so, that shiny red skin grew thicker and bitterer, and the white interior grew mushy and juicier. The sweet contrasting crunch faded into a Polaroid memory. Has the Red Delicious always had a mushy interior and bitter exterior, or has something changed in the growing process?

I don’t know.

I began trying other varieties. Pink Lady. Gala. Braeburn. Jonagold. There are so many varieties, now, that I can’t remember which ones I like! I thought I liked Gala’s, but the last two times I bought a bag of Gala’s, they had tough bitter skins and mushy interiors, too. Not as bad as the Red Delicious, but not great.

I want to like apples. I want to bite through the crisp exterior and into a firm white fruit that bursts like sunshine against my tongue. It’s just frustrating that I can never seem to find a variety that captures the delicious memories of my childhood.

It’s strange, because I love hard cider. I dislike nonalcoholic cider and apple juice (let’s be real, they’re the same damn thing). But hard cider is fucking delicious. It’s also the only thing I like about apples.



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