laughter is the best medicine (x2)+1

Writing prompt: Two words or phrases that make you laugh. 



The first year we were married, John and I had to move back in with our family during the pregnancy. With my kid sister away at college and all the older siblings out on their own, dad ceded the downstairs to John and I–three bedrooms, a hall closet, and a bath.

One of the bedrooms was taken up by the various detritus my siblings had left behind, boxed up and stacked wall-to-wall from floor to ceiling. The other bedroom was, well, our bedroom. The third, John turned into a media room. He offered to set his system up in the living room so the whole family could use it, but my dad liked his ancient CRT tv with the built-in speakers and rooftop antenna just fine.

So John set up our nice big 60″ flatscreen in the bedroom. He hooked up the DVD player and the speakers. My dad didn’t have a cable tv subscription, so all we could do was watch DVDs … and our favorite DVD was Fast and the Furious.

It wasn’t my favorite at first, but after 50 or so viewings, it grew on me. It’s now up there on my comfort movie list, right next to Newsies and Disney’s Robin Hood. 

Anyway, the line, “What’d you put in that sandwich?” always makes me snicker. I think it’s just the way Vin Diesel delivers Dom’s lines. It also makes me giggle when he gets in Vince’s face and yells, “You embarrass me!


I also love the “insult” from Enemy Mine, partly because I totally agree with the Drac pilot: Our Mickey Mouse is a big, fat stupid dope (heh heh heh), and partly because of that hilarious Drac laugh.

your mickey mouse is big fat stupid dope

As it happens, I hadn’t seen this film until John showed it to me. He was raised (as befits an 80s child) on films from the 80s and 90s.

I got the Disney films of that era, but when we met, most of my favorite movies were angsty 90s stuff like Reality Bites or With Honors or S.F.W., which I mostly just liked because it was forbidden. I really preferred the old-school Rodgers & Hammerstein musicals and Fred Astaire dance films my parents had raised me on, and I had (have) a fondness for Audrey Hepburn.

John was the person who first showed me movies like Alien and Predator, and all the various sequels. He introduced me to Enemy Mine, Gremlins, Gremlins 2, Caveman, and all those variations on the Airplane movies.

I know, they’re pretty popular movies and I should be aware of them. The thing you gotta realize about being raised as a devout mormon is that it kind locks you in a cultural bubble, where only church-approved media slips past. I actually (embarrassingly) relate to Kimmy Schmidt’s constant references to out-of-date, family-friendly pop culture. Disney films? Sure. But foul-mouthed comedy? Take another think, kiddo. Any R-rated movies I watched in my late teens were on the sly, slipped into the house safely hidden in the VHS sleeves of more innocuous films, and watched late at night with the volume down low.

I did manage to convince my parents to let me watch Braveheart, Last of the Mohicans, and Dangerous Beauty based on the argument that they were historical representations and if the Book of Mormon or Bible was made into a film, it would be rated R … but most of the PG-13 and R-rated films I watched were smuggled in and out the door, hidden in my backpack or tucked into my jeans under my sweater.

All three of the pictured quotes make regular appearances in my family. Probably because they never fail to make me smile. Because they’re fucking hilarious. Also, good memories.


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