10 things I hate about … me?

Wait, I think I have this writing prompt wrong. Let me double check.

Oh. Its ten interesting facts about me. Hmmmm.

See, what I think is interesting and what other people think is interesting are probably two very different things. I always have a hard time writing this type of shit. What the hell.

  1. I’m older than my husband by one year. My older sister is also older than her husband, and my maternal grandma was older than her husband, so I’m just keepin’ the family tradition. My son better marry someone older than him.
  2. My mom used to tell me that I could get a tattoo “over her dead body,” or ride a motorcycle, “over her dead body,” so when I got a tattoo it was in memoriam, and the first long motorcycle ride I ever took was to the graveyard she was buried in. (Mom would have appreciated this humor, trust me).
  3. My mom used to tell me when I was a teenager, “I hope you have one just like you.” I did not realize at the time she was cursing me. Now I say it to my son.
  4. I was misdiagnosed with bipolar at age 14 and spent over a decade on psychotropic medications that fucked with my moods. I haven’t had a mood swing since going off them in 2009, but I do have ADHD. Fun times.
  5. I was born overseas. Coincidentally, so was my husband. In the same foreign country, even (not town, though!)
  6. I am reasonably talented at drawing, but I’m just not very invested in it.
  7. I can type 78 wpm.
  8. I finish most average-length books (about 450 pgs) in a day.
  9. I learned how to sew while my mom was sick, and the first dress I ever sewed I wore to her funeral.
  10. When I was 19, my best friend took me to get pierced. I got a tongue stud and she got a belly button piercing. My parents were furious, and when I got sick with lithium poisoning a few months later, my dad told me it was because of the tongue stud. So I took it out and the piercing healed over. Four years later, my friend died, just a few months before my mom. Three years after that, my husband and I hit a bump in our marriage and briefly separated. When we reconciled, we decided that we wanted something to honor our re-commitment. My husband suggested piercings. We chose each other’s piercings … he chose a tongue stud, knowing what it meant to me, and I chose a cartilage ring in his ear. So we actually both have two pieces of jewelry honoring our relationship: our wedding rings, and the piercings.

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