random thoughts | 2 months into 2015

I’ve been spending almost every spare writing minute working on my book. It’s coming along. My goal is 4k words/ week, but I’m usually hitting 3k. I’m currently sitting at 63,906 words total (first draft). The first draft is going to be a bit long, I can already tell — I would say that plot-wise, I’m maybe mid-way through. Word-count wise, I should be in the third act, nearing the wrap-up. I want it to be a 70k word-length book, 80k max — appropriate for YA. So I know the first draft will need to be heavily edited down.


Kidling turned 13 this month. I should probably start calling him Kiddo in the blog, because he’s definitely not my baby boy anymore. He’s growing into quite a mature and thoughtful young man. I’m really proud of him, and I feel so lucky to have such a great kid.


Lately I’ve been missing my mom. I wonder what she would think of my life. I bet she’d be super proud of Kiddo. I wonder if my parents would still live nearby if mom hadn’t died. I wonder if my siblings and I would still talk, or if I would have lost mom, too, when I left the church.


I’m thinking about applying to be a paraeducator. Apparently one does not need a Masters in Teaching, just a BA (or AA, depending on the position). I could fit it around my writing schedule and Kiddo’s school schedule, it would be a way to keep my resume update, and it would be some income to sock into savings.


One thought on “random thoughts | 2 months into 2015

  1. Your book sounds like it’s coming along nicely. I write in spurts. I’m focusing more on photography right now. It’ll all run together at some point. And the Kiddo turning 13… wow… How’s John, you didn’t mention him. I’m sorry that your family is disjointed. My family doesn’t really speak to me much either.

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