Happy New Year!!!


5 Notable Events of 2014


  • Kidling (and the family) got a new puppy.
  • I graduated with my BA!
  • Reunited with family!
  • Kidling entered 7th grade.

And the absolute most notable event of 2014 (drumroll, please) …

  • John was promoted to supervisor!

4 New Things I tried

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA10313447_10205287638897007_5289591964747803584_n10885150_10204507043889133_7054860930439139346_n

  • Dip-netting for crab in the Sound.
  • #exercisealifestyle (daily walks)
  • Sewing dolls!
  • Crocheting (not the lovely model — the scarf! I did that!)

3 Favorite Non-Fiction Books

                                     home_book_cvr 9780520271425 2278_reg

2 Favorite Fiction Series

                                                        100K2 (1) saga-vol1-web

And my absolute number one totally most favoritist part of the year …

Spending it with this guy:



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