time for a new e-reader

So … my dogs stepped on my Nook reader, and the screen cracked. It’s past warranty. I have to buy a new reader, and since old readers (of all stripes) can apparently be “blacklisted” by the original owner, I feel like it’s too chancy to buy one second hand from Craigslist or something.

So I’m looking at another ereader from B&N, but I’m kinda underwhelmed by their choice to move away from ereaders and into tablets. I blame the Microsoft/ Nook merger for that shift in priorities. The only e-ink reader currently available from Barnes & Noble is the Glowlight; otherwise it’s all backlit Samsung tablets. If I wanted to read my ebooks on a tablet, I already have a smartphone and tablet. I want an e-ink device.

I actually wanted to buy the Touch this time, as I didn’t use the light feature of the Glowlight as often as I thought I would. I mean, I liked the Glowlight feature, but I’m not sure if I liked it enough to pay $20 extra for it … of course, that’s a moot point, now, since there’s no Touch at all, $99 or otherwise.

So I’m looking at the Kobo Aura H2O right now, and I’m super tempted. It’s only $60 more than the Nook Glowlight, and it not only has the e-ink and glowlight capabilities that I like, it’s waterproof and dustproof. This is like, the e-reader for people who live in the PNW, I swear. Plus, I think I can get it from Powells Books, and I always enjoy supporting independent booksellers.

The Kobo supports epubs, which (of course), is the file format of 99% of my books (I had to buy like 3 books on the Kindle app for college, because the textbooks weren’t available on the Nook ereader, just the web app, which is stupid). It’s apparently still possible to transfer books among epub readers, too.


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