Summer fun, vacation, and canning season

The days are so full I barely have time to blog. I’ve started one or two posts that are in draft phase, inspired by some discussions over on reddit, but I think I want to revise them a bit before posting (if I remember to at all).

This week has been pretty busy. Saturday we went garage saling, and scored quite a few neat finds. Besides the creepy doll and antique typewriter pictured below, we also found a working ice cream maker, some antique bottle caps, a beautiful red coat, a nice cowl-neck sweater, an hors d’ouevres server, some out of print books, a huge box of bionic lego sets for Kidling, two dog food dishes, and two foldable camping chairs. I may have forgotten a few items … John had some things he found, too. Total cost for the entire haul was under $15, so I feel like we did well. Oh! And I found some cute baby clothes for my little niece. Godniece? Adopted niece? Whatever, she’s the cutest.

Creepy Doll: $0.25

Creepy Doll: $0.25

Antique Typewriter: $1.00

Antique Typewriter: $1.00

We were planning to go to this summer solstice party we’d been invited to, but by the time the afternoon rolled around I was getting my ass kicked by a migraine of epic proportions. So instead we headed home so I could lie down in a dark and silent room with a cool cloth on my forehead. John hung up blackout curtains to make the room darker for me, brought me some excedrin migraine, and took Kidling off to the park to play soccer until I felt better.

You know, I always appreciate my awesome husband, but I am really blown away by how lucky I am to be married to this man when I’m feeling like shit. He’s so patient and compassionate, and he does the sweetest, most thoughtful things to help me get through it. Before John, I was with my share of assholes — the type of guy who tells you to toughen up or stop crying when you’re feeling like shit. John learned pretty quickly that my pain tolerance is pretty high (walking as soon as my epidural wore off after a c-section), so he takes it really seriously when I say I’m not feeling well. It’s funny how valuable such a simple thing is — to be taken seriously when you’re not feeling well.

Sunday was a bit more of a lazy day. We did some canning (strawberry jam, yeah baby!) and caught up on shows and reading that have been pushed to the side with the houseguests and whatnot. On Monday, we hit up Wild Waves. Kidling brought a friend, and it was (as usual) super fun. They’ve installed some new rides and are doing some expansions, so we had the added bonus of exploring the new stuff. It was a really long and exhausting day, and we’re all a bit sunburnt (but happy!) from it. The next day, I baked some homemade bread like I do every week, but this time I doubled the recipe so I could pay back a friend who came by to check on our animals while we picked up my sister in Seattle. It was too much dough to knead in the mixer, so I had to knead it by hand — or I would have if Mishka hadn’t come by right then with my little godniece so we could go on a walk! John took over the kneading, and I got my walk on.

I also worked on my assignments for my online course. I had to watch a really cool video about the criminal justice system in the United States of America, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in the criminal system. The bit at the end, when she talks about the risks of Megan’s Law, really intrigued me. It made me think of this CNN article I read awhile ago, The Rapist Next Door, about a new monitoring system being tested in Alaska. Did you know Alaska has the highest rape rate of any state? I didn’t either.

Anyway, on Tuesday evening, Kidling had his 2nd soccer game (his 3rd one is on Thursday). His coach says he’s doing really well, especially as this is his first time playing on a team. He always remarks on how much Kidling has improved between games and practices, and the positive reinforcement is really inspiring Kidling to practice on an almost daily basis. It’s pretty cool.

Today we headed off to Eastern Washington for fruit (more canning!). I love this state so much it hurts sometimes. It’s incredibly beautiful. We went over by way of Chinook Pass and hooked back through White Pass. It’s amazing to watch the changes in foliage and scenery as we pass through the state. Even the scents change!

I love that we don’t need to drive out to a special park or something to be surrounded by forest — going down pretty much any highway, the forest arches above and around, while the asphalt track of road winds ahead, sliced through with sun and shadow. It’s almost ethereal. I love Eastern Washington, too — the beat of the summer sun lancing down from a pale blue, cloudless sky; the golden warm hills rolling one into the next; the silver green shrubs dotting the landscape.

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

Besides apples (for homemade applesauce) and cherries (canning plans to be determined), we also picked up John’s camping gear. He’s going on a week-long off-road motorcycle camping trip that stretches from Canada into Oregon and back through this beautiful state of ours. He’s taking his go-pro, obviously, because he’s going to be seeing some of the coolest scenery. I’m almost jealous enough to wish I rode a dual-sport, too — but I’m not really an off-roading type of gal. I like my sport touring just the way she is.


5 thoughts on “Summer fun, vacation, and canning season

  1. Reading your descirption of WA State is so spot on, when it’s not gloomy and dank. I love the scenery, smells, etc. Reading this almost makes me want to move back to Seattle. We have some great memories of living there.

    I’m doing my best to appreciate living in the desert. Sometimes we’ll ride into the mountains where it’s cooler, shady, and full of big trees. Not all the mountains are like that here though. There’s what is called the “high desert”. Desert in the mountains. Talk about HOT… I feel like I’m melting when I go there. It can get pretty dang cold at night sometimes too. Even if the temperature says it’s 70*F. The windchill feels almost artic like. I joke a lot and say that Summer never left here because it’s warm year round. Well, by some standards. In the middle of Winter it never go below 60 during the day. At night though, uhf, it could get to freezing.

    Nice read this one, Laura.

    • Thanks. I’ve recently started feeling like the available literature describing Washington doesn’t really do it justice — I was trying to describe it more accurately, but I dunno. Maybe Washington is just indescribable. 🙂

      John tells me the desert has its own special and unique beauty. I would love to see a desert sunrise or sunset. John says they’re incredible. And if you go out away from the city at night, your view of the sky and stars will be clearer and more stunning than most Washington night views. I hope finding the beauty in your surroundings will help you adjust to and accept the heat in the same way the beauty in Washington helped you adjust to and accept the rain.

      That said, I wish you would move back to Seattle, too. 😦

      • Yea. It’s been a passion since I was 12 yrs old. I still have a Kodak point & shoot film camera from 2000. I haven’t used it in probably 12 yrs. LOL with mobile phones having digital cameras built in I quit using film. We bought a crapping pocket digital point & shoot. Used it for a couple of years. Then I just used my phone for a bit. Paul bought me this awesome digital camera for Christmas. I call it a point &shot on steroids. The only difference between it and the dSLR is that the lens is fixed on this. I push it to the limits. I also do digital drawings/paintings. That’s a bit harder to do because my tablet is old and can’t keep up. I’m hoping to get a new more up to date one this year. I’m not sue, I don’t remember, bit, I think I uploaded a few of my drawings on g+photo gallery. My gallery is a mess though. I need to reorganize it.

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