Auto Shop Sexism, Graduation, and Guests!

Wow, super busy week here. The last two weeks were crammed with finals — exams and projects — and evaluations. I did well on my evals, and two of my professors offered to write letters of recommendation should I continue on to graduate studies. I am also strongly being encouraged to take my LSATs and pursue a law degree, but I’m ambivalent.

I mean, on the one hand, I’d love to go to law school; I think it sounds amazing and challenging and very interesting. On the other hand, a friend of mine graduated in 2011 with her JD and this year with her LLM. She was 3rd in her class at a prestigious university, part of the law review, had a scholarship and a spouse to help ameliorate her debt … and she’s still $20k in debt with job offers of $25/ hr. That’s not a shabby starting wage for a BA, but for a top-scoring advanced law degree?

Uh, wow. I knew the legal field was glutted, but that’s worrisome. I’m going to keep asking around, talking to other recent law school grads. I don’t want to burden my family with that level of debt without any return on the investment. I’m also considering looking at overseas graduate programs, so long as I can move my family with me.

In other news, my dad and sister are coming in to town for my graduation. They’ll be here through Monday, so we’ll get to celebrate my graduation, Father’s Day, and John’s birthday with them.

My aunt sent me a lovely hand-woven basket and a check as a graduation gift, too, which was really thoughtful and sweet. I’ve filled the basket with the polished rocks John has collected during his rockhounding trips and placed it as a decorative centerpiece in the middle of the table. John has taken 2 weeks vacation time for their visit, the visit of some out of state friends, and a mini family vacation.

Our out-of-state (and country!) guests will arrive next week, after my family leaves. I’m super excited to see them. “Luis” I’ve known for over a decade. He’s a fellow writer and an incredibly intelligent, funny, nice guy. He’s been dating “Rini” from the UK long-distance for awhile now, and this is her second visit to the USA — and I get to meet her! I know her online and have spoken with her through IM and Skype. She’s super amazepants, so I’m pretty excited to meet her in person.

In other, minor venting news, I finally got our car to the shop. They called me and said the wires to the ignition coils were exposed, so we needed to replace the wires, spark plugs, and ignition coils. They said the coils were about $200/ ea, and it would cost approximately $800 to fix the whole shebang (work discounted).

So, of course, I let John know. Okay, why is it that John can always argue the auto shop down $200 – $300 from what they quote me? They call me and are like, “Uhhh, it’s gonna be $800 to fix your car. Those parts are spendy,” and I’m like, “Okie dokie!”

So John looks at the proposed invoice, calls them, and is like, “Uh, these coils are like $60/ea if I buy them and do the work myself.”

So they drop the price to $500. What is that? What is that?

He did this last time, too, when they quoted me this massive amount for the timing belt and I was all stressed out at work trying to negotiate the car pick up and figure out the budget and my (ex) boss was flipping me crap about riding my motorcycle while my car was getting repaired because I was driving it to death on her stupid daily non-office-related chores.

That time, John called the auto shop and was like, “Wow, you’re quoting my wife really high for a pretty simple job. How ’bout I send AAA to pick up the car and bring it home, and I’ll fix it myself?”

And the shop was like, “Oh, sorry, here’s a discount and we’ll have the work done today — you can pick it up in half an hour.”

I swear to god, I always thought auto shop sexism was a myth, or at least that I didn’t get it because I look all butch with my short hair and motorcycle. But nope, apparently I am not exempt from the vagina markup. This fucking pisses me off.


One thought on “Auto Shop Sexism, Graduation, and Guests!

  1. I think you’d be an awesome attorney Laura. When I negotiate with businesses and use the same terminology as John, you can hear muffled laughter on the other end. However, when I say something about buying the parts myself, yadda yadda… they realize I mean business. Bunch of buttheads. They don’t think women can do what men do… They’re shocked to find that I am able to… they still don’t believe it though. smh!!! Congrats on your graduation upcoming. It’d be so cool to see you walk across and get your degree.

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