8 Series to Binge on After Finals

I’m coming into the home stretch here for spring quarter finals, which means study, study, study and write, write, write. I’m looking forward to vegging for a bit, and I’ve got a running list of book series and t.v. shows I need to catch up on (or start).

orphan blackOrphan Black: I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve heard great things about it. Today I read this break-down on the Mary Sue titled, Sympathetic Characters: Gender Bias, Villains, & Orphan Black, and that convinced me. 


scandalScandal: I love to hate me some Fitz. I think Mellie and Olivia are well-written, complex characters who make morally ambiguous choices in the circumstances available to them … but Fitz sucks. There is nothing redeeming about that guy. I don’t understand why everyone thinks he’s the bees knees, when he’s just a self-absorbed ego maniacal abusive asshole who just completely ignores Olivia’s limit every. single. time. Livvy keeps saying, “No, we’re done,” and he keeps ignoring her and forcing kisses on her to shut her up or cut her off or silence legitimate questions/ complaints. Man, I hate how he uses “affection” to silence her, and she acts like it’s this grand, great romance. Textbook abuse. But I need to catch up on the most recent season. Fingers crossed that Fitz gets pushed out a window, but I’m guessing the writers won’t do that. The Fitz/ Livvy thing (as stupid as it is) is central to the show.

falling skiesFalling Skies: John just started watching this, and from what I can see out of the corner of my eye as I frantically try not to get sucked in because I have books to read and papers to write, it looks amazing. I love well-done sci-fi, and this is directed by Steven Spielberg. The storyline and writing is good enough that I can almost overlook the fact that pretty much every male character’s backstory and character development is reliant on the fridging trope. Also, the main protagonists are all male, and women all seem to exist mostly to support/ prop up the men … I don’t think in my half-assed watching, I’ve yet seen it pass the Bechdel test. But John’s only just started season 2 (I think), and I’ve only paid close attention through about 3 full episodes … I’m going to have to binge watch to catch up. Anyway, although those are valid complaints/ things to notice, it’s a well-written and interesting sci-fi show, and I like that.

orange is new blackOrange is the New Black: The second season of this Netflix original is airing on June 6, 2014, just as my classes are wrapping up. Perfect for a weekend binge post-graduation! I am super stoked. Talk about diversity and strong, well-written female characters! I can’t wait.


sherlockSherlock: Okay, so I’m a little ambivalent about this on, but it’s also been recommended by The Mary Sue. Though I normally love BBC shows, I’ve avoided Sherlock because of what Steven Moffat did to Doctor Who after he became the showrunner. He does not write women well, and he made the Doctor a leeetle bit creepy, with the utter lack of personal boundaries and the constant kissing of startled women. I mean, I loved Matt Smith’s depiction of the Doctor, don’t get me wrong — but the show definitely took a turn for the worse after Moffat took the helm, and that’s mostly because he apparently lacks the talent or desire to write women well, and it’s especially noticeable with the contrast of the first few seasons under Russell T. Davies, or the few episodes written by authors with more talent and nuance (like Neil Gaiman).


mirror sightMirror Sight: The 5th book in Kristen Britain’s Green Rider series was released a few weeks ago, and I’ve been far too slammed with class-associated readings to pick it up. I have the Barnes and Noble page for this book as a homepage tab, and I plan on buying it as soon as spring quarter is wrapped up.


adaptationAdaptation Series: This is a sci-fi series YA written by Malinda Lo. She wrote Ash (a really awesome take on Cinderella), and I really loved her writing style there. I’ve been eyeballing this series for a while, but haven’t found the time to start it. Hopefully I’ll get that chance! Plus, this will go nicely with my commitment to read 50 books by authors of color this year.


laini taylorDreams of Gods and Monsters: Book 3 in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series, published in April 2014. This is an insanely awesome take on heaven/hell mythologies. Plus, Laini Taylor’s writing is incredible. She has this lyrical, poetic voice that just envelopes you in her world — it’s really rare to find an author this talented. When I read the short story Spicy Little Curses in her Lips Touch  anthology, I swear I could feel the sun on my skin and smell the spices in the marketplace. Her writing is unreal.



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