Final undergrad stretch

I was going to post another entry about socioeconomic class today, but I haven’t found time to work on it. It’s coming up on the last few weeks of the quarter, and I’ve been pretty busy. I have to finish up my last 3 credits or so over summer quarter, but I do get to officially walk in Spring 2014. I found an online-only course for my summer class, which I’m really excited about since it will enable me to be at home with my family more often.

Family time!

My husband unexpectedly got a month of off work. He had a bunch of vacation time that had accrued. He spoke to his scheduling manager about it back in January, but the timing was never right with the SIT program and the schedules of his coworkers to be scheduled for the time off.

So now they’re coming up on when vacation re-ups, and he has something like 90 hours of paid leave just sitting there. He brought it up to his scheduling manager again, and as a result he’s been scheduled for almost a month of paid vacation. Plus, he’s already requested and been approved for time off around my graduation and at the end of July for a motorcycle camping trip — so he has almost the entire summer off!


I’m hoping he’ll use the time I’m in class to organize the garage and tidy up the house in addition to his planned projects and activities. I’m betting he’ll be hitting some garage sales with Kidling.

I’m just really tired. I’ve been reading so much. I love to read, and all these books are totally the types of books I’d enjoy reading for pleasure … but I kind of miss having, I don’t know, freedom of selection. I want to read Mirror Sight. I want to work on my list of 50 Books by Authors of Color. I want to get started on Saga, but I just don’t have time right now. I have an ever-growing stack of too-read books that I have to push to the back burner while I focus on my class readings.

Summer Plans: Finish Bachelor’s Degree, start reading.

I keep telling myself, soon, soon. We were assigned reviews of Law & Outlaw class readings over each of the breaks — winter and spring — and I totally did not even come close to reviewing them. I figured I’d already read them, and I just binged on fantasy. This week, my assignments are:

Law & Outlaw

American Families

I read quickly. The last time I timed myself, I was on the cusp of speed reader — above the average American, but still unconsciously subvocalizing as I read. Even so, this amount of reading is demanding, especially when it’s for school — when I read for pleasure, I just blast through it. For classes, I read with a highlighter and pen to hand, and pause frequently to write thoughts or reactions in the margins and highlight pertinent sections. I’ve so gotten in the habit of highlighting relevant/ interesting statements that I accidentally started highlighting the good sentences when I was editing my classmates paper on Thursday!


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