merry xmas!

Today is xmas eve, and tomorrow is xmas — which means today and tomorrow are the only truly appropriate times to say, “Merry Christmas!”

Think about it. Do you say, “Happy 4th of July!” from June 4th to July 4th? No, because it sounds stupid. You might say, “I hope you have a fun 4th of July!” when discussing picnics, travel plans, fireworks, or parades associated with the 4th of July, but you don’t walk around for the entire month beforehand yelling, “Happy 4th of July!”.

No. You don’t.

Why? Because it’s stupid and makes you sound stupid. Same with Thanksgiving and pretty much every other holiday — the wishes of enjoyment, health, and good cheer are usually reserved for the actual holiday, and possibly one or two days right around it.

That’s why we say, “Happy holidays,” throughout the “holiday season” (typically understood in the U.S. as spanning from Thanksgiving to New Years Eve for well wishes, and from Labor Day to New Years Day in terms of commercialism) instead of, “Merry Christmas.” It makes sense, and it’s in keeping with how we offer well-wishes and greetings for every other holiday throughout the year.

So with that little rant out of the way: Merry xmas!

By the way, the “x” denotes the Greek letter chi, which was used as shorthand for “Christ” by Christians, scholars, and scribes for centuries (source). In English, we read it as the letter “x” and usually assume it is crossing Christ out of xmas, but it’s not. It’s actually the original way of writing xmas. This is also why writing, “xtian,” is actually an accurate rendition of the word, “christian,” not an insult.

If you didn’t know that, consider yourself schooled. If you did, then cool. Congratulations on not being a dumbass.

I’ll be honest, though, I just like to write, “xmas,” and, “xtian,” because most of the xtians I know are fairly ignorant in regards to this kind of thing, and they get all huffy and up in arms. It’s hilarious to see them get riled up unnecessarily.

Anyway, I didn’t really know what to ask for at all. It’s funny, when I was a kid I’d write these super long wish lists with headers and bullet points and subsections. Nowadays I’m like, “Eh … gift cards? Anything from B&N? I always love me some Starbucks …”J

The thing I’m really, super excited about is the gifts I got my family. Okay, my kid sister received her gift, but has not opened it yet. My dad reported that he received his gift, as well, but has not opened it yet. My brother has not yet reported receipt or opening, and I hope he doesn’t open it at my sisters house because it’s liquor.

What? I’ve wanted to give the gift of wine or liquor ever since I left the LDS church, but unfortunately, no-one I am on gift-giving terms with drinks. It would have made so many gift purchases over the years easier if I could have just side-stepped the guessing and purchased a nice liquor. I mean, what do you get a long-haul trucker who lives on the road, or an old man who insists he has too much stuff? Yeah, I don’t know either. But for some reason, none of these people drink (although they all drive me to drink … j/k).

Anyway, my brother and I got to talking recently, and it turns out he’s never had a beer with one of his non-LDS siblings. So we met up at a bar and had a nice dinner and some beer. It was cool. I’m not actually a fan of beer, personally — I prefer hard cider — but it was still nice. So for xmas, I sent my brother an Angry Orchard Iceman Hard Cider.

Image Credit:

My dad got a bunch of chocolates and some Norwegian-specific treats I found at World Market, and I found a cool bowl for my kid sister there, too.

Girl used to love ramen noodles when she was a teenager. (Image credit: WorldMarket)

I sent out a few other small gifts, but those persons may actually read/ have access to my blog, so no spoilers! Same reason I can’t disclose anything I got for my husband, and I am going to EXPLODE. Krampus on a cracker, I’m ridiculously excited about this.

But what I can say (shhhhh!) is that we bought a PS4!!!! It was the last one available in town, and my husband snagged it!!! Kidling is going to be so surprised. We’re going to set it up the night before on top of the receiver — he won’t notice because he’ll be too busy freaking out over the presents. The last gift he’ll open is going to be Battlefield 4 and a Playstation controller. 

I’m hoping for a reaction like this.


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