Mormon Church Rules Blacks Not Inferior

Mormon Church Rules Blacks Not Inferior.

The Mormon Church has ruled that black people are not inferior to whites, and that dark skin is not, in fact, a “curse” sent by God to punish unworthy people, as the church has maintained from its …

Mind you, the mormons let blacks have the priesthood in 1978  — and they completely retconned history to pretend that they were never racist and they totes wanted the blacks to have the priesthood before but gods time is not mans time, blah blah blah. So according to the mormon way of viewing it, god is apparently led by man, not the other way around.

No matter what apologetics you try to use or how you try to dice it, black LDS Americans had civil rights before they had religious rights, and it seems like the church that claims to have a living prophet on the earth would have been able to sidestep that whole debacle pret-ty damn easily if god had just sent the word down about the priesthood situation before 1964. 

Anyway, so in 1978, the mormon god decides that blacks can actually have the power of the priesthood and can therefore be sealed in the temple and gain eternal mormon salvation. But apparently the almighty omniscient one neglected to tell the prophet the little detail that mormons also needed to stop claiming that blacks have dark skin because they are descendents of Cain, who was cursed for his sin.

I guess the Second Article of Faith does specify that man shall be not be punished for Adam’s transgression. No-one said jack about Cain.

Whatever. Good news, everyone! It turns out the LDS Church isn’t racist, no, no, no. It’s just that the second major prophet — the dude who led them to Utah and had a bajillion wives and kept the church going after Smith was killed for raping those children; the dude who the mormon-funded colleges are all named after? Turns out that guy is the racist asshole making the LDS church look bad. He kept pretending he was speaking as a prophet when really he was speaking as a man — a very, very, racist and sexist man. 

God should probably figure out how to make his prophets glow when they’re engaging in prophet-speak instead of man-speak. This is leading to a lot of unnecessary embarrassment for the LDS church.


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