Testing Recipes: Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

You may have seen this image floating around on Pinterest and Facebook. Probably Tumblr and G+, as well.


I adore both cinnamon rolls and bacon, so I saw this and I was just like:

Omg, omg, omg!

Of course I had to go out and get the stuff to try this immediately. I bought everything earlier this week, but I had a bunch of papers due on Friday, two reading selections to complete, my Spanish homework, and John started his new shift this week. So you know what today was, right?

It’s time for bacon!!!!

Recipe-testing day! (kind of. This doesn’t really count as a recipe, because it’s really just the last step of slightly altering the pre-assembled ingredients before the requisite baking).

Allright. So, full disclosure, I did not decide to write a post until after I made the things. I promised to update a friend on how it turned out, and decided to do this instead of a FB status. After all was said and done, this is my assessment:

It was all right.

It’s okay. It’s nothing to write home about, and certainly nothing to get super excited about. But it wasn’t awful. There are some improvements that can be made, I think:

  • I lightly cooked the bacon prior to rolling it into the cinnamon roll. My husband suggested this step, and I think it was a good idea. It ensured the bacon was not only fully cooked, but retained some it’s bacon-y texture instead of becoming a limp bacon strip essentially boiled inside the expanding dough.
  • Remember to roll the cinnamon rolls back up tightly, because after unrolling them they kind of want to stay open.
  • Make extra cinnamon-butter. I didn’t do this because I didn’t think of it, but I wish I had. A decent amount of the cinnamon filling comes off when you unroll the things.
  • Following the above point, make sure you’re using a clean surface like a cutting board, and have a knife or spatula handy to scrape up the cinnamon filling/ butter that peels off.
  • Cut  the bacon. I didn’t do this, but I recommend it.

For the final point, I’d say, like 1″ strips for the bacon. When you just do the one long massive strip in the roll, it ends up pulling the whole strip of bacon out with the first bite. Don’t get me wrong, it’s delicious — but it means that it’s not bite after bite of cinnamon-roll bacony goodness, and that is the main reason for my “meh” reaction. I could have just cooked up some bacon while baking the cinnamon rolls and had the same situation.

Seems . . . pointless.

So instead, I’d suggest cutting the cooked bacon strip into 1/2″ or 1″ strips and laying down the full strip of pieced bacon in the roll. This will allow for a better bacon-to-bite ratio.

I think the next time I try it, I will also sprinkle some of those real bacon crumbles on the top of the cinnamon rolls. (I’m actually thinking I should go ahead and try to make actual homemade cinnamon rolls, which I’ve never done, and incorporate pecans, bacon crumbles, and a maple glaze.)

Bacon! Maple! Pecans! Cinnamon Rolls!


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