strange times

I really like my job. Still. It’s six months down the line, and I still mostly love it. It’s challenging, interesting, and I get along with my coworkers and in-office boss. I have some minor concerns, but eh. That’s all jobs.

Anyway, today was the office party for my birthday. This is the first time I’ve ever worked in a place where they recognize the employees birthdays and make a thing of it. It was cool but also a little weird. They bought me a fruit tart (I friggin love fruit tarts).

They also gave me a card. The card had all these little quotes and inside jokes, and it was totally cute. And one of my co-workers knitted me a little sleeve for my Starbucks coffee cups (John comes by every day for lunch, and always drops off a 16 oz triple shot skinny caramel macchiato for me). It was cool, but also unusual for me when compared to my previous work experience. Still liking it.

Today for lunch John and I went out for pizza at this local little place called Vics. They had this insane/ awesome white sauce pizza with jalapenos and artichokes, and I swear I fell in love. What a great place. Tomorrow we’re going out for sushi at this place my coworker has highly recommended, so I’m stoked about that, and then the boys and I are going to Gameworks in Seattle. For Kidling’s birthday, we’re doing laser tag.


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