eyes are too big for my stomach

When we were kids and put too much on our plate, then didn’t finish it, Mom and dad would say our eyes were too big for our stomachs. I am feeling that way as I look at my life right now. I feel slightly overwhelmed and, I don’t know, reeling at the load I’ve taken on. I don’t know what I was thinking, taking on full time work and full time school and still having all the family/ home stuff to do. I feel like I could do two out of three, but all three? I wondering if I bit off more than I could chew. Hell, I think it’d help if my work schedule just aligned a little better with John’s and I could see him more. We see each other about 2.5 hours a day anymore — about an hour in the morning before I go to work, an hour at lunch when he comes and spends time with me, and then a half hour or so when he gets home at 10 p.m.

Sundays are our shared day off, so obviously we normally do stuff then (sledding last week!), but with this whole stupid football thing going on it looks like they might schedule him on Sunday’s for a bit because he’s pretty much the only non-sports fan at his place of work. Obviously I think this is retarded, but it’s not my workplace or my managers to argue with, and now that I’m back doing my own thing and having my own frustrations with bosses/ professors/ co-workers/ classmates in my activities, I’m remembering how freaking irritating it is when you try to vent about a situation and the person you’re venting to is all, “Well have you tried xyz?“. Uh, yeah. I have. Or I considered it and didn’t try it because it wouldn’t work out well in said situation with persons involved. Or the hassle of xyz is not worth the potential end result. Or I already tried and it failed, and if you would listen to further venting you would learn that.

Long story short, I think it sucks and is stupid when John gets scheduled dumb hours because a bunch of stupid wanna-be jocks get a boner for someone else playing football, but I also recognize them’s the breaks in retail and he has to work there every day, so best play nice.

I guess I’m more tense about the workload this quarter because my Sacred Texts class is basically an 8-credit load’s worth of work, but only 4 credits in value. I was warned by Greener grads that a lot of the 4 credit courses are 8 credits worth of work, but after last quarter’s absolute cake 4 credit class I guess I figured they were blowing smoke. After my first day in Sacred Texts, I pretty quickly realized that last quarter’s 4 credit was probably the exception to the rule. I guess I’ll take this as a test/ challenge: If I can manage the school load + work + personal life this quarter, then next quarter I’ll take two 8 credit courses instead of one 8 credit and one 4 credit.

I got my student ID yesterday, too. There’s someone else in the system with the same last name as me, which is weird because my last name is kind of unique.

My thoughts are wandering a lot right now.


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