gratitude journal 11-29-12

  1. I guess I’m grateful I’m keeping this stupid gratitude journal. I went off my b/c again because the hormones were f&*king messing w/ me, and I hated it . . . but now I’m re-adjusting to normal hormone levels and period pain, and good god does that suck. I’ve arranged to get an ablation, but in the meantime I’m in pretty significant pain for a few weeks each month, and long story short, I’m grateful I keep a gratitude journal to remind me life doesn’t really suck all that badly, it just feels like it when my uterus is trying to judo-zombie-kick it’s way out of my abdomen.
  2. I’m grateful my co-workers are hilarious.
  3. I’m grateful for skinny peppermint mocha’s.
  4. I’m grateful for sushi.
  5. I’m grateful for dark chocolates.

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