gratitude journal 11-20-12

  1. I’m grateful Mr. Boss okay’d jeans for tomorrow (sometimes it’s the small things that count).
  2. I’m grateful John has today off and I don’t have school tonight. Family time!!
  3. I’m grateful I have awesome co-workers.
  4. I’m grateful I have moral and ethical bosses.
  5. I’m grateful life is good.

/edited to add:

I know I repeating gratitudes, but it’s just because I know what the opposite situation feels like.

With renting, my gratitude is all the sharper and more defined because of the various negative effects homeownership had on my life, family, and relationships.

With marriage, my gratitude for my husband is all the more heartfelt because of my history. I’ve had bad relationships pre-John, and John and I have had our fair share of rough spots. I won’t lie, there have been times when I looked at the wreckage of our relationship and thought, “There is no way to come back from this. There is no way to rebuild. There is no way I can ever look at him the same way again.” But we did come back from it. We did rebuild. And we do look at each other with the immense love and pride that characterized the beginning of our relationship. I know what it’s like to be a bad place and/or a bad relationship, and that makes me all the more grateful that John and I have worked through it and come out the other side with a stronger, happier, and more communicative marriage.

With the work thing, I’ve been in situations with co-workers I didn’t vibe with and bad management who changed rules arbitrarily and distributed both punishment and reward as calculated means of preventing employees from building friendships through jealousy and fear.

So with each of these things, I find myself so very grateful on a daily basis that life has brought me here. I have lived experiences that provide the background for me to truly appreciate how good I have it, because I’ve had a taste of how bad it can be.



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