gratitude journal 11-19-12

  1. I am grateful we are not in danger of flooding because we don’t live in Centralia anymore. It’s raining hella and the Chehalis river is rising — but for the first time in 5 years, I’m not stressing about potential evacuation and house flooding. Damn, it feels good to be a renter.
  2. I am grateful for google voice.
  3. I am grateful we bought that stand-up freezer for $29 at an estate sale. Damn, that thing is useful.
  4. I am grateful for Jo-Ann’s Fabrics. That store always reminds me of my mom. I used to shop there with her when I was a teenager, and it remains my favorite fabric stores. John and I went there today to replenish my straight pin supply and pick up a pincushion. My old pincushion mysteriously disappeared. I blame the cats.
  5. I am grateful for people like Patrick Rothfuss, who shares my concerns about the problems with Black Friday, but is actually in a position to offer an alternative to the Black Friday madness.

Black Friday has a plethora of issues — not the least of which is the annual manslaughter in pursuit of highly-hyped deals for what are in actuality low-quality items. The fact that Black Friday sales are increasingly being pushed back to Thursday, meaning that retail employees are required to work on this traditionally family/ friends-centric holiday is the selfish icing on the consumer-driven shit-cake that is Black Friday.

You can probably guess from my disgust that I skip the Black Friday madness, but I wish I could do more. I wish there was an alternative to Black Friday, something I could point my Black Friday-lovin’ classmates and friends toward and say, “See, look — this is shopping, deals, and charity!”

Thanks to Patrick Rothfuss, I now have that — The Opposite of Black Friday Worldbuilders charity sale/ drive. It’s pretty cool. One of the stores does fantasy-themed jewelry, and when I checked out their store they had everything from most of the major epic fantasies — Lord of the RingsThe Kingkiller Chronicles, Mistborn, and Wheel of Time. They are missing Game of Thrones, but given the immense popular success of GoT, I imagine the licensing is a little difficult to acquire.


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