gratitude journal 11-18-12

  1. I am grateful John and I both had Sunday off, and we had a family day today.
  2. I am grateful I only work 3 days this week.
  3. I am grateful I didn’t waste 3 hours in sacrament meeting/ sunday school/ Relief Society today.
  4. I am grateful I didn’t waste my morning getting ready for church and my evening hosting home teachers trying to get their numbers up before the end of the month.
  5. I am grateful that 10% of our gross wages are not funneled to the LDS corporation anymore. (That would be almost $550 a month. Jesus H. christ on a cracker.)

I feel like those last 3 gratitudes really should be bundled into one gratitude, because I am really, really grateful I’m not LDS anymore. So those three are kinda cheating. Um. Two more.

  1. I’m grateful my husband isn’t a dumbass. I used to think college was the mark of an educated person, but that’s not the case. The mark of an educated person is intellectual curiosity, a willingness to admit they might be wrong, and the drive to learn through whatever means open to them.
  2. I’m grateful Walking Dead wasn’t as lame this week as it was last week.

That last gratitude was particularly lame, but it’s late and I’m tired. I have work in the morning and two final projects to get started on. Also I’m trying to keep this blog somewhat PG=13ish, so that rules out a few other gratitudes I’d like to ruminate on.


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