gratitude journal 11-17-12

  1. I am grateful for the neato, because after a long day of school and grocery shopping it’s nice to vacuum by pushing a button.
  2. I am grateful my son unloaded the dishwasher for me.
  3. I am grateful for Sirius, who greets me with a smile and a happy wagging tail every day.
  4. I am grateful for John’s employer. Tonight was family shop night, where they close the store to regular clientele so employees and their family can shop. They play holiday music, provide a light meal/ snacks (this time there were meatballs, teriyaki sticks, little toast things with cream cheese and salmon on them, chocolate dipped pretzel sticks, chocolates, and chocolate iced snack crackers. Also coffee and cocoa.), a Santa to take pictures with, and a raffle. I always end up leaving before the raffle, so I don’t know why I always accept the ticket. Anyway, it’s nice to have a decent employer. It’s nice to have an employer, period, right now, but it’s really nice to have solid, moral, ethical employers. I mean, we could be working for Walmart or some place that hates their employees, so our employers are something to be grateful for.
  5. I am grateful John gets off work soon.

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