gratitude journal 11-16-12

  1. I’m grateful Ms. Boss let me shop at my preferred location for her groceries today, because that’s so much more efficient and enjoyable for me.
  2. I’m grateful Ms. Boss made that decision in part because she realized it was a hardship for me to deposit my paycheck before the credit union closed, and she knew the preferred location store is near my credit union. That was very thoughtful of her.
  3. I’m grateful that I’m working at a place with thoughtful bosses and kind co-workers.
  4. I’m grateful the situation that required “police action” and apparently a SWAT team today in the neighborhood is resolved and never posited any threat/ harm to my loved ones.
  5. I’m grateful John bought me a sewing machine.

The sewing machine is a funny one to me. My dad always used to joke about how you “never buy a woman an oven as a gift.” The gist of it is that I guess in the 1950’s, those advertisements that promoted buying the little wife a new microwave oven for Christmas were in no way tongue-in-cheek. Despite it being socially condoned to buy your wife a new dishwasher for her birthday, it was also recognized to be kinda douchey in some vague way.

So even though my dad is very much a product of the 1950’s and a stereotypical patriarchal mormon papa, he’s also very firm that it is not acceptable to buy household appliances as a present. I don’t hold the same mindset. I guess mainly because I enjoy cooking and sewing — oh, the luxuries of modern times, when tasks once required and often abhorred become a form of creative relaxation — but also because I don’t really see why it’s a problem in the first place, if the item is requested/ desired. Anyway, I always think of dad’s maxim with a fond little chuckle when I receive a household appliance as a gift.

The sewing machine makes me quite happy. I have a vintage Pfaff, but the timing needs to be fixed. We were quoted between $150 – $180 for such an task, and I’ve been putting it off so we can do other necessary things, like winterize the cars. Then John found a machine that is newer (easier to find parts for), under a 25 year warranty, has great reviews, and costs less to buy new than it would to repair the Pfaff. I kept saying it could wait and it was fine and yes, I wanted it, but there are other things we need — but John’s awesome and got it for me.

I’m a little nervous, out of reflex. In October 2009 John bought me a red KitchenAid mixer with his bonus to replace the piece of shit mixer that had been handed off to me when we were first married. It wasn’t really a wedding gift –we didn’t get a wedding gift from these people, actually — but it was handed off to us when we were newlyweds to furnish our first apartment, because no-one else in their family wanted it or used it. The motor didn’t speed up in the higher gears and it had a tendency to shed flakes of either metal or dried grease into the food it was mixing.

Anyway, we worked with that crap mixer for years with me hating it more every day. John finally bought me a new one that actually worked properly and had all the attachments in 2009 . . . and then some unexpected situations and expenses cropped up, and by January 2010 we realized we needed money to pay the bills and there was no-one we were comfortable asking. So we returned the KitchenAid. Frankly, I’m surprised John still buys me gifts. It’s been a sad reality in the past that months/ years after the financially stable period in which the expensive and pretty gifts were purchased comes the financially unstable period, where it becomes a choice between bills and food on the table or the pretty bought for me months/ years back. The pretty always loses.

Hopefully, those days are over. I have a job, John’s doing well at his job, and we’re no longer locked into a financially untenable situation exacerbated by small-town grocery/ gas costs and a long commute. Barring horrific tragedy, we should be fine. Knock on wood. Fingers crossed. This sewing machine is here to stay.


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