gratitude journal 11-9-12

  1. TGIF, I guess? Thank to the gods it’s Friday? I don’t know if TGIF counts for me anymore, since I have an 8 hour class tomorrow. Every time I start looking forward to Friday and the weekend, I remember I still have a day of class. Still, at least I don’t have to be back in the office until Monday, and that’s cool. Plus next week will be low-key, since Mr. and Ms. Boss are on vacation.
  2. I’m grateful for social networking. Today I accidentally took John’s phone with me to work (as well as mine), and I just snapped off an email and FB message to let him know. If I was still connected to xbox live, I probably would have done that, too, since he’s spending a lot of time playing Borderlands II lately.
  3. I’m grateful John and Kidling like that game. I want to like it, and I’ve read fantastic things about it, and I bought it specifically to play with either John or Kidling . . . but it’s all in 1st-person shooter mode, and I just can’t visually adjust to that mode, no matter how often I try. So I can’t play, which makes me sad, but John and Kidling are able to bond over this great game, which makes me happy.
  4. I’m grateful Kidling and John get to spend more father-son time together now that I’m working.
  5. I’m grateful I have a job, and an awesome family, and a beautiful home to live in. I’m grateful I have a car and internet access and live in a beautiful state. I’m grateful I have awesome pets and wonderful, gracious friends. I’m grateful for all the wonderful things in my life, and for the decisions (both good and bad) in my past that have led me to my present.



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