gratitude journal 11-6-12

  1. I am grateful for e-mail and online docusign, or I would never get anything done.
  2. I am grateful Kidling’s teacher scheduled his parent-teacher conference at my lunchtime, or I would have missed the first parent-teacher conference since he started school because of the 1-day notice regarding the times.
  3. I am grateful the conference went well.
  4. I am grateful the electoral votes currently show President Obama to be winning, though this is a tentative gratitude that may turn to tears and dust. BAM! FUCKING YES!!!! PRESIDENT O-FUCKING-BAMA, THAT’S WHAT! YES! Also a shout out to the Washington state stoners  and queers, because BAM first state in the nation to legalize weed and it looks like Ref 74 is passing because WASHINGTONIANS ROCK!!!! FUCK YEAH! C’monnnnn, Inslee! I hope the desert dwellers to the east didn’t screw us over on that one, the governor’s race is still looking pretty close. I LOVE THIS STATE.
  5. I am grateful that John went shopping last night and bought me lean pockets, thereby providing me not only with dinner tonight before I go to class, but also allowing me to finish my homework in peace and quiet last night. What a guy. 🙂

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