gratitude journal 11-4-12

  1. I’m grateful I finally got my hair cut today, because it was annoying the ever-loving crap out of me.
  2. I’m grateful the weather is cool enough that we can take Sirius on car rides with us again.
  3. I’m grateful the election is on Tuesday, and one way or another we’ll know the outcome soon enough. I really, really hope this country hasn’t been royally f’d in the A. I heard Canada is looking for skilled manufacturing English-speaking immigrants if worst comes to worst.
  4. I’m grateful I was able to sleep in this morning, and due to Daylight Savings, I actually got a little extra time!
  5. I’m grateful I get along alright with my dad, even though we are on completely opposite sides of the political spectrum.

I just got off the phone with dad. He asked about the classes I’m taking, and I mentioned my labor law class. Being a lawyer, dad was interested in hearing more about what I’m learning in that class, and that led to a hearty debate about the validity of unionization in modern times (it ranged from safety in mines/ blue collar labor to whether or not truckers should have limited driving hours and higher wages that are protected by unions, or whether we should trust corporations to have their driver’s best interests at heart — dad, being anti-union, felt we should trust corporations to do what’s best for both their bottom line and their employees), and then we segued briefly into politics.

Dad’s apparently pleased that Romney has promised to shift overseas production away from China and into South Africa. This kind of baffles me because I thought we all wanted to bring manufacturing back home to American workers and American jobs, not play a shell game with which 3rd world country will let us ship our jobs overseas most cheaply. I guess if you’re okay with shipping jobs overseas, Romney is your guy, though.

I try not to discuss politics too much with my dad, because he can tinge into tea-party conservative right wing area a little too easily for my comfort, but we mostly stayed on economic policy. Right before he hung up, he jokingly told me that if I’m going to vote for Obama, don’t  vote. I laughed and said, “If you’re going to vote for Romney, don’t vote!” Then dad laughed too and said, “Vote early and vote often, kiddo. I love you.”

It’s nice that my dad doesn’t take my political views as a personal judgment against him, and I appreciate that he respects our different views and doesn’t knock my atheism/ politics/ etc.  Even when we’re disagreeing, the conversation stays respectful and never delves into insults about how mormons are this and atheists are that, or that GOP is this and the Dems are that. It’s a rare breath of fresh air to be able to talk to someone about topics we absolutely and 100% disagree on, yet we are able to keep the conversation civil and respectful.

As Miss Manners recommends, I generally try not to discuss politics or religion in mixed company, but I’m also not going to just sit quiet and silent if someone brings up how atheists are evil, LGBT rights are sinful, and Obama is some sort of anti-Christ Muslim. In personal conversation, I absolutely challenge people who frequently make those statements in my presence — but I really try hard not to bring up the topics myself. Luckily, my dad doesn’t often make those kind of statements, and when he does and I fact-check him, he admits he overstepped bounds and we return to civilized discourse.


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