gratitude journal 11-3-12

  1. I am grateful John had today off, and so was able to hang out with Kidling all day.
  2. I am grateful John cooked delicious delicious lasagna for dinner, so I came home to a hot meal.
  3. I am grateful there wasn’t a seminar paper due today, because it gave me a much-needed homework break.
  4. I am grateful my classmates are kickass and contribute to the entire education experience, cause it sucks to have people who don’t care/ are just checking off boxes in your class.
  5. I am grateful The Walking Dead  is on tonight. Ha. Got my days mixed up. So tired. So #5 is that I’m grateful my son doesn’t go to school in bucket-falling Yelm.

Bonus gratitude: (just occurred to me) One of my classmates lives in Yelm, and he was telling  us how they built a new school — apparently his wife, or a friend of his wife’s (I can’t recall) works at the new school. The roof was shoddily built and keeps leaking, so the district keeps calling some roofers in to repair it. They’ve called in the roofers over 18 times to repair this roof, and it’s still not fixed. The roofers were just putting 5 gallon buckets up under the leaks and sliding the tiles back under them. When the buckets get full of water, they crash through the tile and into the building below (obvious safety hazard is obvious). The district’s solution? Call back the same roofing company for repairs. I am grateful my kid doesn’t go to that school! I thought Jeff Lincoln was bad, but apparently Yelm somehow figured out how to beat them.


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