gratitude journal 11-29-12

  1. I guess I’m grateful I’m keeping this stupid gratitude journal. I went off my b/c again because the hormones were f&*king messing w/ me, and I hated it . . . but now I’m re-adjusting to normal hormone levels and period pain, and good god does that suck. I’ve arranged to get an ablation, but in the meantime I’m in pretty significant pain for a few weeks each month, and long story short, I’m grateful I keep a gratitude journal to remind me life doesn’t really suck all that badly, it just feels like it when my uterus is trying to judo-zombie-kick it’s way out of my abdomen.
  2. I’m grateful my co-workers are hilarious.
  3. I’m grateful for skinny peppermint mocha’s.
  4. I’m grateful for sushi.
  5. I’m grateful for dark chocolates.

gratitude journal 11-28-12

  1. Today, John and I tried a new sandwich shop. Almost every day at lunch, we try a new place. I am grateful for the opportunity to try new places, and for lunches spent with John.
  2. Today, Mr. Boss complimented me on a job well done. I am grateful for a supportive and kind boss.
  3. Today, I filled up the 5 gallon water jug for the water dispenser at work. As I was taking it out of the car, a stranger offered to carry it for me. I am grateful for random acts of kindness.
  4. Today I told John I would stop by his work after I got off work and pick up the toilet paper we needed, so he didn’t have to go to his workplace when he wasn’t working. When I walked out to my car after work, I found the toilet paper sitting in the front seat! John had gone and bought it and put it in my car at lunch so I wouldn’t have to! I am grateful for a thoughtful husband.
  5. I am grateful that my class is almost over and I can stop doing this gratitude journal.

gratitude journal 11-27-12

  1. I am grateful DJ showed up for coffee this morning.
  2. I am grateful John took me to Koibito for sushi today.
  3. I am grateful I got to go shopping at Jo-Ann’s for work today.
  4. I am grateful class is almost over.
  5. I am grateful one of my awesome classmates is signing up for one of the classes I have chosen for next quarter. Yay!

gratitude journal 11-25-12

1. Grateful it is John’s day off & we got to do family stuff.
2. Grateful for delicious breakfast waffles.
3. Grateful we all liked the new restaurant we tried today.
4. Grateful I found my hat, gloves, and scarf.
5. Grateful for the Oxford comma, even though MLA guidelines no longer recognize it. Luck you, MLA guidelines.

Edited to add : Grateful we had the foresight to buy a fake tree for $5 at a garage sale this summer. Much easier to set up.

gratitude journal 11-24-12

  1. Grateful Kidling has such well-behaved, sweet, strong friends.
  2. Grateful Dee watched Kidling for a few hours so I could wrap up the citations page on my essay.
  3. Grateful John loves me for who I am with all my weird quirks and stuff.
  4. Grateful mom taught me to cook and Sis. N taught me to to sew. Turns out they’re both really relaxing activities.
  5. Grateful John is enjoying his new hobby.

gratitude journal 11-23-12

  1. Had an optometrist appointment today. I am grateful to learn I have 20/20 vision. The optometrist said my eyes are in great condition and my eyesight is great, but reading glasses will help with my light sensitivity. Basically, my vision is so perfect it hurts.
  2. I am grateful for modern medicine. In the words of Tim Minchin: “You know what they call alternative medicine that works? Medicine.”
  3. I am grateful for running water. It’s sometimes kinda weird to think about the fact that 100 years ago today — 1912 — running water was not a given. Hell, even more recently than that, to be completely historically accurate. Toilets, sinks with running water, dishwashing machines, clothes washing machines –still uncommon. I’m really grateful I’m not making my way out to an unlit outhouse with no insulation in the middle of the freezing dark night to shit in a pot.
  4. I am grateful for my animals. Fiona Apple canceled her music tour to go home and care for her 14 year old dying dog. Reading her letter about the situation is just heartbreaking, and reminds me to appreciate my sweet wonderful pets all the more.
  5. I am grateful I am married to a like-minded man. In the early years of our marriage, I thought he was all conservative religious mormon boy, and whenever I was disgusted or angered by some social injustice, I would bite my lip and not bitch about it because I didn’t want to fight with him. Ironically, I later learned that he was doing the same thing — he thought I was all conservative religious mormon mama, so he bit his lip about his atheism and pro-LGBT views. It all came out during this really horrific storm in 2006, while John and I were separated. He came by my apartment to check on me and ended up staying the whole night and into the next day while we talked about everything that had gone south in our marriage. Anyway, long story short, now when a social injustice upsets me, I can talk to my husband about it. This gratitude occurs to me today because we’ve spent the whole week raging about the damage Black Friday does to both employees and consumers, and it’s just nice to have someone to talk to who’s as strigently anti-Black Friday in all this mad mess of people who are either pro-Black Friday or neutral (ignorant) as to the problems it causes.

gratitude journal 11-21-12

  1. I am grateful for the four day weekend which I am about to have.
  2. I am grateful I’ve (mostly) finished my 8 page final paper, so have very little homework to do this weekend.
  3. I am grateful I was able to meet Cat’s kitten, who is just completely adorbes and made my afternoon.
  4. I am grateful John came and spent lunch with me again today. It’s like a daily date, and it’s awesome.
  5. I am grateful Cat was willing to grab me an eggnog latte this morning, because jesus christ on a cracker I needed a pick-me up.