gratitude journal 10-29-12

  1. I’m grateful my co-worker Cat found a new kitten to love. She was heartbroken over the death of the old one, and I was pretty worried about her. It’s nice to see her so happy again.
  2. I’m grateful we only have to read a chapter a week for my Tuesday class. And also this daily gratitude journaling, and a two page paper on the chapter we’ve read. But I don’t think I could handle a homework load like that of my 8 credit course, so I’m pretty damn grateful my 4 credit course has a much lighter load, especially given that several former Evergreen grads had warned me that the workload is more challenging than you’d expect.
  3. I’m grateful John took my car to the tire shop and got the tire changed today. Also he scheduled an appointment at the auto shop and copied the key. That was pretty darn thoughtful of him.
  4. I’m grateful John is feeling better. I always feel so bad for him when he’s sick. He’s so miserable, it’s almost like he feels like his body has shocked him by daring to get sick and he just can’t comprehend that level of betrayal.
  5. I’m grateful the office was pretty quiet today. I had a killer headache all day and just felt kind of draggy. Not sure if it’s impending period hormones or that I didn’t get enough sleep or that the sickness I spread to John has mutated and ricocheted back at me, but I’ve just been out of it all day. So a quiet office was a relief.

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