gratitude journal 10-28-12

  1. I’m grateful I was able to sleep in until 9:40 this morning. 
  2. I’m grateful we’re on the West Coast and not the East Coast right now. That hurricane/tropical storm shit looks crazy. They’ve evacuated downtown Manhattan. Blows my mind that there are still people out there insisting global warming is all a scam when we’ve had this kind of extreme “once in a lifetime” weather going on every year for the past 5 years running.
  3. I’m grateful we bought an AAA membership. Today we walked out front and the left rear tire was flat. We refilled the air, rolled it down to the road, and took out the tools to change the tire. Some dumbass in a shop the prior owner took it to had overtorqued the lug nuts, and we couldn’t move them. John actually lifted up the backend of the car a little pulling on them. So we’re sitting there trying to figure out how the hell we’ll get it to the shop tomorrow, and then John remembers the AAA membership we bought last month because we had a tow a car and the year-long AAA membership was cheaper than an 8-mile tow. So the AAA guy just came out, used a 3 ft bar as leverage, changed our spare, and left. It was awesome.
  4. I’m grateful we have two cars now. Because it doesn’t matter that the Kia has a flat, or that we’re taking it to the shop — I can still drive to work and school, and John is close enough to work that he can walk, ride a bicycle, or drive the motorcycle without issue (even in bad weather).
  5. I’m grateful payday is 3 days away. We fixed the broken exhaust manifold on the Pathfinder, but that basically took my entire paycheck to do. I want to repair my sewing machine next, which has been broken since 2008, and I’m just waiting until payday to take it into the shop.

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