gratitude journal 10-27-12

I got nothin’ new. Seriously. I’m so tired. I know I need to do this gratitude journal thing, and I’m grateful for plenty of stuff, but I just don’t even. Jesus. Okay, let’s do this, 5 gratitudes in 5 minutes:

  1. Grateful to come home to John and Kidling, because they make everything worth it.
  2. Grateful we bought that Aamco discount thing, because my car makes a funny wheezing noise after it stops, and I want to take it to the shop. 
  3. Grateful my teachers told me in student-teacher evaluations today that I’m on track for full credit.
  4. Grateful for Dmitri, who’s a cuddly stinky-breath adorable kitty that makes me smile everyday.
  5. Grateful for Sirius, who’s kind of a dumbass but is completed devoted and adorable and cuddles up with me at night when John has insomnia and goes out to look at the stars.

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