gratitude journal 10-26-12

John is sick. He’s got whatever awfulness has been going around — I had it last week, Dee had it earlier this week, and several other people have been complaining of it. It sucks that he’s sick, and it makes me feel really bad for him and how ucky he feels, but it also makes me feel grateful that we live in these modern times.

  1. Paid sick leave. Fairly recent thing, in a historical context. Labor unions fought the good fight to get things like minimum wage, a 40 hour work week, and leave for illness or vacation purposes to be recognized as the normal run of things. Thanks to labor unions, my husband is able to stay home today in order to rest and recuperate. He won’t lose his job for getting sick, nor will he lose pay. That’s something to be grateful for.
  2. Medicines. This version of the flu or cold or whatever it is has these symptoms: Headache, severe congestion, fever and chills. Thanks to ibuprofen, acetaminophen, Nyquil, and DayQuil, my husband is able to minimize these symptoms to a much more bearable level. That’s something to be grateful for.
  3. The FDA. Thanks to Federal standards enacted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, my husband is able to eat healthy foods that have a dramatically decreased risk of food-borne bacteria. He can eat delicious soup that was been canned/ boxed for long-term shelf life, but tastes like it was just made fresh.  For that, I am grateful.
  4. Modern appliances, like fridges, stoves, and microwaves. This healthy and hearty meal is easy cooked either on an electric stove top or in a microwave. Gone are the days when a simple bowl of soup meant keeping the coals/ firewood going all day so the pot of soup on the stove stayed warm. For that, I am grateful.
  5. Modern tech. With modern tech, I’ve been able to stay in touch with my husband throughout the day. If necessary (it won’t be for this, but it’s worth mentioning in a post about gratitudes associated with illness), I could call the ambulance from my office, notify my bosses of an emergency, and be at the hospital in less than 10 minutes. By text or cell, I could arrange a sitter for my son, or arrange for my son to come join us at the hospital. I could notify my dad and sister of the situation and get emotional support. All this support is available at our fingertips and within minutes thanks to modern technology.



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