gratitude journal 10-22-12

  1. I’m grateful for Cat, one of my co-workers. She’s super funny and sweet and always makes me smile. Plus, she loves cats as much as I do (hence her pseudonym here), and she’s always willing to talk about cats.
  2. I’m grateful I was able to drive home and walk around with John at lunch. I like spending my lunches with John, and I like walking. I like that my lunch is an hour so I can do this regularly.
  3. I’m grateful the electricity guys came to replace the lights at work today. Not just because they were unfairly and gorgeously, adorably cute and their smiles made my day. I’m also grateful because now the lights are replaced outside, so when I leave at night, I still have light.
  4. I’m grateful I have a job. Even when I’m upset or stressed or I’m told to do things that don’t make sense, at the end of the day, I have a job. That’s important, and that’s lucky, and that’s something precious to be grateful for.
  5. I’m grateful I live in America. We’ll see if I’m still grateful on November 8. Hopefully this state will still be a blue state, so even if Mittens gains the White House, my state won’t be as fucked as the red states.

I wrote this yesterday but forgot to post it.


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