gratitude journal 10-20-12

  1. I’m grateful I’m sick, I guess. It kind of forces me to slow down and catch up on sleep and whatnot. I’ve got a killer earache, though, and it’s fucking with my sense of balance.
  2. I’m grateful my son is awesome. I made up a song about him when he was a baby. It was lame and sounded like a stupid cheerleader chant, but I used to sing it at him all the time: A—– is awesome, unique and sweet!/ Totally incredible and just plain neat! He’s totally fulfilled the personality descriptions of that song as he’s grown, and I’m really grateful I have such a sweet, generous, thoughtful, polite, well-mannered kid (most of the time).
  3. I’m grateful John likes the Borderlands game I bought for Kidling and I to play. Turns out it’s a 2-player RPG in FPS mode, and I hate hate hate FPS. It makes me feel all sick and nauseous when the screen looks like that — I prefer controlling a little teeny avatar, but it seems like that’s kind of outmoded anymore. Anyway, John and Kidling love to play Borderlands together, so it wasn’t a waste of money after all. Plus, they get father-son bonding time. John and I are actually talking about getting an x-box gold family account. Maybe when we buy the x-box 720 with the Kinect built in.
  4. I’m grateful for raspberries. I fucking love raspberries, and in the past we haven’t been able to indulge in them. They were an expensive treat. This year, I’ve been buying a little container of raspberries at Costco pretty much once a week. These things are delicious little bites of heaven.
  5. I’m grateful that I live in a first-world (kinda) country. If you actually compare the USA’s living, economic, health, and education standards with other first world countries . . . we kind of lag embarrassingly behind. We’re a little more 2nd world country or something these days. Still, I’m grateful to live in a country where we do have running water, electricity grids, publicly-maintained roads & libraries (thank you, taxes!), automobiles, grocery stores, etc. etc. Objectively speaking, it’s not the best place in the world, but it’s not by any means the worst.


I will say, at the risk of further alienating my Army brother (should this opinion ever get back to him — which is unlikely, but then again, other more unlikely stuff has happened on my blogs), I wish we’d substantially drop our military funding and start investing in stuff that actually builds our nation instead of tears it down. Hell, I wouldn’t even complain if we diverted like half of the current military funding to adequately addressing the serious rape and PTSD issues in our military instead of the denial upon denial that’s currently permeating the system.


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