eta gratitude journal 10-20-12

I’m grateful I’m a student, because offers a free 6 month almost-prime membership thing for students, and then it’s $39/ annually thereafter until I graduate, which is awesome.

I’m also really happy about this because I do not want to support any of the Amazon Kindle products because Jeff Bezos’ thinks physical books are ugly and wants to kill the bookstore, but I do want to support Amazon itself because the founders donated a butt-ton of money to the campaign to legalize gay marriage in Washington. So I’m happy about this student prime account, because unlike a full prime account it doesn’t seem to offer any of the tempting free Kindle downloads or streaming movies and whatnot — just free shipping and discounts on textbooks. Exactly what I want.

If I’m wrong, don’t enlighten me. Or do, I don’t care — I don’t have a Kindle. Even if I were to root my Nook to run a Kindle app, or hell, just use the currently disabled Kindle app on my Galaxy Tab, I understand Amazon doesn’t allow the Prime perks to run on the Kindle apps. So unless I get a lobotomy and my personality completely changes, I won’t be able to utilize the Prime perks on any of my devices. (In case you don’t follow, I’m saying I would have to get a lobotomy to sink money into a Kindle.)

I just wish Amazon would offer a discounted Prime for the people who want free shipping but don’t want to get sucked into Amazon’s sunk-cost fallacy of locking in customers (Well, all my books are on my Kindle, and I don’t know how to change file formats . . . I guess I’ll just get the next generation of Kindle, even though I think the Nook/ Kobo/ Story is a better technology/ deal right now . . . ).

I think it’s funny that now the Kindle is blatantly stealing ideas from Nook. Barnes & Noble comes out with a keyboardless e-reader . . . 6 months later the Kindle does. Nook produces the Nook Color, a full year later (as they’re releasing the far superior Nook Tablet), Kindle released their Kindle Fire, again copying Barnes & Noble’s idea. And now I see on their website they’re promoting a touch screen Kindle, just like the Nook Touch. Seriously, for an company that pretty much pioneered the e-reader and claims e-readers should replace books, they really don’t have any innovative ideas, do they?

Still, 2.5 million to legalizing gay marriage in Washington state. It’s hard to keep a grudge against them for fucking up the publishing and bookselling industry when they do stuff like that, even if the company spokesman distanced Amazon from the private donations of their CEO.

edited to add: Look at that, this is my third post today. I slept off my fever through most of the morning and afternoon, then got up and did some laundry and dishes and made dinner and picked up around the house. And I still had time to blog 3 pointless posts and futz about on reddit and FB. Jesus christ on a cracker, they’re right — being a mom is not a job, and being a stay-at-home mom is not as hard as actually working full time. I kind of feel embarrassed about my insistence that they were equivalent in effort.


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