gratitude journal 10-16-12

  1. I’m grateful Starbucks has those cool little lunch packs, because I forgot my lunch today and there is a Starbucks on every corner.
  2. I’m grateful it wasn’t raining at lunchtime, because my office doesn’t have a lunch or break room area, so I have to leave for lunch and I prefer eating outside.
  3. I’m grateful parking is so inexpensive in this town, because when we were up in Seattle, it was insane.
  4. I’m grateful I didn’t cry in front of my boss. I know that sounds stupid, but sometimes it’s the small victories that count. I’ve been going to Store Location A, the store my husband works at, for the weekly errands. Last week, Mrs. Boss realized I’d been going to that location instead of Location B, and today she told me she prefers I go to the location she normally shops at. I really dislike that location for a variety of reasons, but mainly because I think it’s an awful, poorly stocked, messy store. Anyway, Mr. Boss came in and told me very nicely that he was very sorry and it didn’t really matter to him, but it did matter to her so could we not make an issue of it. It was the niceness more than anything — I can handle a stern or mocking tone, but someone apologetically telling me they don’t like what I’m doing is, for some reason, really hard for me to handle. Frustratingly, I welled up — but I managed to hold it back until I was in the bathroom in private. Small victories.
  5. I’m grateful for my husband and for DJ, who both went out of their way to make me laugh and smile and improve my day.

ETA: I’m grateful the professor let us go home early to listen to the presidential debates. 


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