gratitude journal 10-15-12

  1. I’m grateful we had a mini-office party today. We all brought food, and there were delicious and healthy leftovers to snack on all day. It was awesome and delicious.
  2. I’m grateful I have a car. I hate public transportation and/ or walking in rain like this, so thank you modern technology for my awesome car!
  3. I’m grateful John took me to Mini Saigon on Friday. I forgot my leftovers in the work fridge, so today I had delish pad thai for lunch! Yay!
  4. I’m grateful I go to an accommodating college, and my advisor is meeting with me after hours to go through a required workshop that is only offered during the day.
  5. I’m grateful today is payday and John works a schedule that allows him to collect and deposit my paycheck. He’s off today, anyway, but even if he was working he collects my paycheck at lunch and deposits it before heading into work.

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