gratitude journal 10-14-12

  1. I’m grateful season 3 of Walking Dead starts today. I dislike Lori’s character, but I’m excited to see the development of Michonne’s character and the Ricktatorship.
  2. I’m grateful for Sundays. We all have a day off, and we’re all together. Today we went to see a movie of Kidling’s choice, last week we went to the American Car Museum, and the week before we went to Mt. Rainer. Sunday’s are awesome.
  3. I’m grateful I was able to sleep in today. Holy fucking cow, am I grateful for that. I slept in until 9:30 a.m. and it was glorious. 
  4. I’m grateful for my friends. I called DJ last night on my way home from class to rant about something or other, and she listened and laughed and cheered me up by reminding me of our weekly coffee meetup. I arranged to have lunch with Tobiah this week, which should be fun, and Dee and I have plans on the weekend. I enjoy living in this area. I like the people here. I like that my friends live nearby. I’m grateful to be back in my hometown.
  5. I’m grateful for cooking. I guess. I dunno. I dislike things like boxed macaroni and cheese — partly because it’s disgusting, and partly because cheese should never, ever come from a powder. However, back in the day when we were super poor and frequently relied on pantry stock provided by the kindness of others, we often had boxed mac & cheese. Once we got to the point where we didn’t need to rely on an emergency pantry stock made up of boxed mac & cheese and canned chili, I phased those items out of our kitchen. I’ve always made actual mac & cheese or slow-cooker chili and whatnot from scratch, but the homemade meals were interspersed with the boxed pantry stock, depending on how our financial situation was when it was time to go grocery shopping. Anyway, long story short — I’ve accustomed my family to delicious home-cooked food, and now my son keeps asking when I’m going to cook “real” mac & cheese again instead of giving him the boxed kind. And I even bought the spendy organic boxed kind. So on one hand, I’m frustrated that cheating and doing the easy meals isn’t going to fly — but on the other hand, I feel pretty pleased that my son has developed a taste for real food.

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