gratitude journal 10-11-12

  1. I’m grateful stupid things make me smile. Like today is (numerically) 10-11-12, and this makes me smile. Every time I  see, type, or write that date, I get a little inexplicable lift. I don’t know why, other than that having the numbers line up like that feels orderly. I like it and it makes me happy, even though it’s a silly little thing.
  2. I’m grateful I missed a few updates on Jennifer Armintrout’s blog recap of 50 Shades of Grey, which means I have some awesome catch-up to do. I thought she’d only gotten to Chapter 8 of the 2nd book, when in fact she’s somewhere around Chapter 15! Yay for blog updates!
  3. I’m grateful today was $10 game night at GameWorks, and John is on vacation, so we got to go! It was pretty friggin’ cool, I tell you what.
  4. I’m grateful for my cool abominable snowman hat. I like it because when I wear it, my ears are warm and people smile a lot and yell compliments to me about my hat.
  5. I’m grateful my coworkers like animals as much as I do, because they send me cute and uplifting animal-themed (yet hilariously cynical) emails throughout the day, and I love it. Not stuff like this:

but rather, stuff like this:


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