gratitude journal 10-9-12

  1. I’m grateful I have a 1 hour lunch. I was able to drive from my workplace in downtown over to Hawks Praire for sushi with John, and I still got back early. How kickass is that?
  2. I’m grateful I have a view of roses outside my office window. They’re wild roses, I think, and they’re growing tall and unruly over someone’s separated garage. They’re quite pretty, and they brighten up my day whenever I look at them.
  3. I’m grateful I had my mom for as long as I did. She was a wonderful mom, and I miss her dearly. However, at least I had a great mom for 23 years. Some people have no mom, or they have an abusive awful mom their whole lives. I was lucky — maybe not as lucky as some, but luckier than many. I had a great mom, and she was there for me in those years when I most needed her guidance, love, and support.
  4. I’m grateful I’m not horribly sick. I am a little sick. Kinda phlegmny, kinda headachey. But I’m not horribly sick, and I’m grateful for that. Sore throats are no fun, but puking is worse.
  5. I’m grateful I got my new-to-me car before the rain came. I dislike leaving John w/o a car, but I also dislike riding in the rain. Luckily, with this car it’s a moot point! Both of us get a cager vehicle!

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