gratitude journal 10-7-12

  1. I’m grateful for my Galaxy Tab, which makes it so easy to take notes and access my e-textbooks in class.
  2. I’m grateful for union activists (both past and present), who fought and often died so that we could have the minimal workers rights we do, like shorter workweeks, having days off, a minimum standard of pay, and all the other things employers avoided doing until they were forced to by unions.
  3. I’m grateful for today. It was a great day with the family. We went to the American Car Museum, then out to eat as a family, and now John’s recharging the AC in my new-to-me car. It’s been a day that’s been both interesting and productive — the best kind.
  4. I’m grateful for online shopping, slow-cookers, and 30 minute Rachel Ray meals. At the end of the day, we’re all tired. John and I both work 8 hours on offset schedules, and Kidling goes to school all day to come home to homework and chores. So I’m really beginning to value those simple and quick to make Rachel Ray meals (I got the cookbook for $2 at a garage sale, score!) and the leave-it-all-day slow cooker meals. It’s nice to come home and just be able to eat. Also, online shopping makes shopping for things like underwear, socks, and school/ office supplies so much easier. Thank the fey for online shopping, amirite?
  5. I’m grateful for my animals. My sister says I’ve always been an animal person. I disagree. Regardless, I am grateful to have the little buggers in my life. Even Hope, who at the moment I’m trying to find a new home for (she’s too upset and nerve-wracked by the other animals and all the friends Kidling brings through). I love each of them, and their playful, affectionate personalities. I’m really glad we brought them into our family, because my life would be poorer for their absence.

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