gratitude post 10-6-12

  1. I’m grateful that I’m worn out and exhausted, but not in a bad way. More like a stretching myself and challenging myself way. It’s a great feeling, and one that you can only appreciate when you’ve spent too long in a static, repetitive place.
  2. I’m grateful John found a car for under $3,000. His coworker ended up backing out of the sale, but John is awesome and found me a Kia Spectra in better condition and for a lower price. Now I have a decent commuter vehicle, which pleases me. Also, it’s a Kia and a manual transmission, both of which also please me.
  3. Speaking of car, I’m grateful for our friends. While I was in class, John and Bran drove up together to buy and pick up my car. We would have missed our window if it weren’t for our great friends, and I wouldn’t have my new-to-me car right now.
  4. I’m grateful Kidling likes it here. He loves his school, his teacher, his friends, his bike, his neighborhood. He’s so much happier up here; the difference is like night and day. The last time I saw him cry was when he read Where the Red Fern Grows. He didn’t even cry when he fell out of that tree he was climbing, and that knocked the breath right outta him. He went to his 3rd birthday party in as many weeks today, and it’s just so cool to see how happy he is here.
  5. I’m grateful my husband is a rockin’ bargain hunter. I asked him to find me a thermos the other day, and I was thinking I’d end up with something like this:

       Instead, he found an huge white one that I can paint up like R2D2 or a Dalek, for only $2.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this whole week. Tired and content and happy.


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