gratitude journal 10-5-12

  1. I am grateful for my job. I know I say this nonstop, but I really am, and there are so many different aspects I’m grateful for! I’m grateful it’s both fun and demanding. I’m grateful my co-workers are nice. I’m grateful my boss is cool. 
  2. Boots. I friggin love boots, and I just found two amazingly cute and (from the reviews) comfortable pairs online, which I purchased. They are on their way to me as we speak. I have 2 new pairs of boots! Yay!
  3. Smartphones. Love these things. Love the GPS, that takes me where I want to go. Love the camera, which is so handy for everything from a casual picture at the park while John & I eat lunch to a quickly photographed reminder of an object I want to buy or find online. Love the apps, like Glympse and Craigslist notifications and that new Safeway one.
  4. Moodle. Hell, cloud computing in general. This week, all the printers in my office started dying and crapping out one after the other. They’re all apparently just about a year old. Coincidentally, our printer at home (also about a year old) is throwing up some issues. I have always said printers are a racket, and this mass suicide of multiple printers seems to confirm my aversion toward the damned things. I’m really, really glad that my Justice at Work professor is okay with us uploading our seminar papers via Moodle, so I don’t have to worry about dealing with printers this weekend.
  5. I’m grateful reading is one of my strengths. I always feel a sort of conflation of confusion, amusement, and sympathy for people who are bad at reading. I love to read so much that it’s a really hard concept to wrap my mind around, that some people actively avoid reading. I’m really grateful for my literary acumen, especially when I’m in school. It makes my homework situation a lot simpler. I can’t imagine being the type of person who struggles to read a book in a week or less. It would make my life so annoying to be crap at reading. I love that I finish all my reading assignments in the hour or so (they’re only 1-3 chapters apiece) between Kidling’s bedtime & John getting off work. It leaves so much free time to write (and edit down, haha) my seminar papers. As I’ve been settling into the schedule of classes/ work, I’ve had cause several times this week to be glad reading and writing come so naturally and easily to me. The entire homework situation is a non-issue, and I have to admit that if I was in chemistry or biology or something, I would not be quite as blasé about taking on full-time classes and full-time employment.

Calorie counter:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1.5 cup coffee, 2 tbls half n half — 185 cal

Lunch: 1 cup French Onion soup (40 cal), 6 cheddar cheese sticks (about 113 cal), 1 small apple (74 cal); 16 oz nonfat caramel macchiato (190 cal)

Dinner: 2.5 slices homemade crab & artichoke pizza: 541 cal

Total: 1143 cal


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