gratitude journal 10-3-12

  1. I’m grateful for my Tuesday class. This last class session, our teacher taught us some methods for lowering our stress levels and calming our heart rate. Today, when I recognized I was starting to get stressed at my workload, I just practiced the active breathing and mental calming exercises, and pretty soon the stress melted away and I was able to focus on my work without the distraction of ohmygodgetitdonerightnow!
  2. I’m grateful for coffee, and that there’s a coffee shop on every block around here. I love this. Today John and I met at the docks again for lunch, and instead of walking toward the Oyster House/ Ralph’s Thriftway end of the dock, we headed in the other direction, toward the Farmer’s Market end of the dock. Now, it’s been awhile since I’ve been in that direction, so I wasn’t sure if there was anything more than the open Farmers Market of my youth over there. What I did know is that in this town, there is a coffee shop pretty much every block . . . and I was right. I ordered myself a delicious, delicious 16 oz nonfat pumpkin latte. John ordered something called (I think) a “root down” or “double down” or something like that. It was root beer and 2 shots of espresso. They served it in a 20 oz plastic cup with one of those curved lids they put over the whipped cream, but there was no whippd cream. The reason for the lid quickly became apparent as the coffee reacted with the root beer to foam up. It was pretty crazy looking, but a delicious drink.
  3. I’m grateful I have a car. I dislike public transportation. I always have. I’m a fan of it in theory, and I truly believe we need to invest in our public transportation. We are a society that has committed to driving cars, but has no idea how to manage elderly drivers. We sprawl out and live far away from family and shops, and our aged parents and grandparents power around giant cages of death while peering blindly over the steering wheel. Their kids are either too far away or too busy to commute them around. I truly believe the only answer is either the driverless cars Google is prototyping, or investing in public transportation infrastructures. That said, I really, really hate public transportation. I hate having a strange driver in control of the vehicle. I hate it when people wear heady perfumes or colognes, or when they smell of dirt and marijuana. I hate how uncomfortable and scary it is after dark. I am really grateful I have a car.
  4. I’m grateful for the right to vote. There are a lot of states right now where republicans are doing their damndest to restrict the right to vote from minorities, veterans, and women — all based on false accusations of voter fraud.  I’m grateful I live in a place where that’s not happening, and I’m grateful the Supreme Court keeps striking these blatantly unconstitutional laws down.
  5. I’m grateful it was cool most of the day today. The a/c in my office is freezing cold, so today I went ahead and dressed nice and toasty warm. I wore tights, a long skirt, a camisole, and a sweater.  The reason I’ve resisted doing this thus far is that while it may be icy chill in my office, it’s usually 65+ outside. I run a lot of errands. I have a hard time explaining my position, because it’s kind of catch-all: office manager/personal assistant/receptionist/legal secretary/errand girl. So when I figure out my daily outfit, it has to be: comfortable yet business like, allow for ease of movement, and adjust to the different temperatures easily. Thus far, I haven’t really gotten the knack down for the comfortable shoes bit or adjusting to different temperatures easily, but I’m doing better. Once winter gets here it will be easier.

After work I went to Costco to pick up some fruits and a frozen lasagna. While I was there, I saw some swear-word in the holiday aisle freaking drop a glass jar of hard candies and break it. You know what she did? Picked it up, put it back in the display, and walked away. I couldn’t believe it. I backed up my cart and stared at her like WTF are you doing, but she just turned bright pink and walked faster. So I went and got an employee, then stood over the glass while I waited for cleanup to come.

I couldn’t believe it. I mean there was glass all over the floor, and the glass jar in the display had a broken, jagged edge along the lid. What kind of selfish prick does that? What if I hadn’t seen that? There were kids all over the store, and people wandering through like they do, with their eyes all unfocused and their mouths all agape, not paying attention to their surroundings. Someone could have been hurt, maybe even seriously hurt, just because she couldn’t take personal responsibility for her actions.

It’s not like Costco would have charged her for breaking it — she wouldn’t have been anything but slightly embarrassed if she’d gotten an employee herself. But no, she puts broken glass back in the display, and leaves broken glass all over the floor in a store full of shoppers with their kids in tow. What a thoughtless jerk.


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