Kidling is off to school, and for once the house is silent. John is sleeping in a bit; allergies, insomnia, and stress have been kicking his ass. The house is so warm and golden and silent — the salt lamps cast a reddish-orange glow against the wood paneling of the wall, which blends nicely with the golden warmth coming from the chandelier. The whole room seems so inviting and cozy, and it feels peaceful to just sit here for a moment and appreciate the silence and comfort.

In about 20 minutes I have to head off to work, and to be honest, even that’s a titch too early. It takes less than 11 minutes to drive there, and I always arrive 5-10 minutes early. Glad we don’t live in Centralia anymore — I’ve really come to appreciate the value of a short commute after moving back here.


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