gratitude journal 10-2-12

  1. I’m grateful for friends like Dee, who watch my son when John and I aren’t available. 
  2. I’m grateful that Olympia has so many beautiful parks. I’ve eaten lunch at 3 different parks in the past week, and I haven’t even begun to touch on the variety of outdoor places I can eat. Today I ate down at the pier, and John and I looked at the new installment of sculptures and watched the seagulls and crows fight. Once the weather really turns, I have my pick of restaurants, too. This makes me happy.
  3. I’m grateful for my husband. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. It always bears repeating. I’m grateful that I have such an amazing, supportive, and affectionate husband. Today I forgot my dinner — on Tuesdays, I bring a Lean Pocket to work and heat it up just before I leave for class, so I eat while driving to class. Today I forgot, and John brought it to me at lunchtime because he’s just that awesome.
  4. I’m grateful for my classes. I really love learning. Even after I graduate, I’ll continue to take community classes, or seek out other learning opportunities. I love being in an organized setting like this, where 30 or so like-minded people with similar interests and education levels get together. It’s nice to be in a setting where I can talk about stuff like behavioral psychology or biomedical research or sociology and cultural patterns, and my companion’s eyes don’t glaze over as they tune me out. It’s nice to have conversation partners who are not only interested in the same topics, but who add to my base of knowledge and challenge my existing structures of thought and perceptions of the world.
  5. I’m grateful for Safeway salads. Seriously, these things are awesome. Delicious, varied, inexpensive, and serving-size packaged with all the nutritional information right there. I like that they use different lettuces, too — too many of the pre-packed salads at other stores go with iceberg, which is flavorless and without nutrients (and therefore calories/ energy). Today I had a bowl size (they have two sizes — the big rectangle packs and the little bowls) of Chicken Bacon Cobb salad, with 190 calories. It had arugala, spinach, green and red lettuce, and some other greens. Also a diced boiled egg, chicken, bacon, and olives, with a delicious vinaigrette to top it off. Seriously, I could wax rhapsodic about these salads for ages. I’ve been eating them pretty much every day for the past month, and I’m still not tired of them. There’s this fruit and walnut one that’s just — mmm. Okay. Enough about salads.

Calories today


  • 2 boiled eggs: 140 cal
  • 1.5 c coffee: 5 cal
  • 2 tbls half n half: 40 cal


  • 1 Chicken Bacon Cobb Salad: 190 cal
  • 16 0z Skinny Latte (only drank 1/4): 32.5 cal


  • 1 Ham & Cheese Lean Pocket: 280 cal


  • 1 16 oz nonfat Mocha, light on the chocolate: 140 cal

Total thus far: 827.5

I think I’m gonna have another LeanPocket, because that’s just unhealthily low.


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