gratitude journal 10-1-12

Wow, it’s October already? Next week, October 9, marks the first 60 days at my job. Crazy. Okay, so gratitudes:

  1. Hope is back home. On Friday night, Hope (our black cat) slipped outside when Sirius did. He play-pounced at her, and she freaked and went up a tree. We don’t have a ladder, and even if we did it wouldn’t reach as high as she did. I looked up how to get a cat out of a tree on the internet, and everything said she’d come back down on her own. Well, she didn’t come back down Saturday or Sunday, and by this morning we were starting to get seriously worried. I smeared tuna into the tree trunk (advice from one of the websites), and a few hours later she came down!
  2. My textbooks arrived. This pleases me.
  3. The house is clean, or at least reasonably so. The coffee table is kinda cluttered with an empty mug, medicines, some of Kidling’s toys, and paperwork. But the floors and most other surfaces are clean, and John ran the Neato so the rugs look good. John also unloaded the dishwasher, brought in and put away the fourth load of laundry from this weekend, and put the fifth in the dryer for me. It’s nice to come home to a mostly-clean house and only need to put the dishes in the dishwasher, fold the clothes, dust, and tidy up a bit. And manage dinner.
  4. John brought me lunch. I forgot to go to Safeway last night and get my pre-packed salads, but John rode to the rescue on his (my) mighty black steed (motorcycle). He showed up early and with one of my absolute favorite salads — the Cobb Salad, which is 310 cal for salad only, and has bacon, olives, grilled chicken, a boiled egg, and shredded cheese. Delicious.
  5. Today was Silver’s birthday. “Silver” is what I will nickname one of my co-workers here on my blog, because her hair is a gorgeous platinum blond white silver color. Anyway, it was her birthday, which meant office party and treat — a break from the everyday! She asked for jam filled scones from a local bakery, so I ordered them and picked them up, and we all enjoyed them. I like working in such a small, friendly place.

Calories thus far:

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, 1.5 cup coffee, 2 tbls half n half: 185 cal.

Lunch: Cobb Salad, 1/4 pack ranch dressing, 1 small Starbucks frap: 547.5

Birthday Snack: 1 cup Dreyers Vanilla Bean ice cream, 1 currant jam scone: 476 cal

Dinner: N/A as yet (not hungry)

Total thus far: 1,208.5


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