gratitude journal 9-30-12

  1. I finished this weeks paper. I was worried for a minute there, because it seemed like the book wasn’t going to arrive in time. But it arrived yesterday, I read the two required chapters today, and I wrote the synopsis this evening. Yay for homework!
  2. Gorgeous day. We went up to Mt. Rainier National Park today, and it was a gorgeous day. We took a ton of pictures of waterfalls and scenic views, hiked around a bit, and bought Kidling some rock candy in the gift shop. Then we took the scenic route home, meandering through Eatonville, Elbe, and Yelm, and had Teriyaki for dinner. Awesome day.
  3. The Neato. It recently got a “pet upgrade,” where we bought a new beater brush and filter that better picks up pet hair and dander, as well as (obviously) dirt and whatnot. It sucks up pine needles really well now. I love this thing. I love not having to vacuum, but just being able to push a button and walk away to do other stuff.
  4. Donations. John donates through his paycheck to some of his pet causes, and for years I’ve been wanting to donate to Planned Parenthood, HRC, and Bitch Media. Now that I’m getting a regular paycheck, I can! Some of my donation swag (a bumper sticker, a digital magazine, a thank you letter) arrived this past week, and it makes me feel so happy to know I’m helping the causes I care about in my own small way.
  5. Kittens. Kidling has a friend named, um, “Dice,” and went to a birthday party for him this weekend. When we went to pick him up, we met this litter of kittens Kidling has been talking about all week and omigod they are so cute! And bobtails! Look at this face:

Right?!? Who could say no to that face?

As for calories, it’s cheat weekend. Every weekend is cheat weekend at the moment, but once I figure out how to manage packing a healthy & tasty room-temp meal on Saturdays, only Sundays will be the cheat day.

There’s something else, but it doesn’t really belong in the gratitude journal b/c I’m pretty conflicted about it. So (edited) new password protected entry will follow. I’ve decided to try to remember to password-protect entries related to family in the future, as they seem incapable of resisting the temptation to seek out writing they know will enrage them.


One thought on “gratitude journal 9-30-12

  1. Kitten is supercute! I remember days of school/work and having a family at home to care for. I was beyond stressed out. I love that y’all went up to Mt Rainier hiking. It’s great to just get away for a bit and let off some steam.

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