gratitude journal 9-29-12

First day of my Justice at Work class. It was kickass. We learned about the history of unions from 1865, and it was pretty darn fascinating. So, gratitudes:

  1. I’m glad I got to ride my motorcycle today. Given that a large portion of my work duties involve running errands, I can’t ride to or from work. John usually borrows my motorcycle to ride to his job, so I can’t ride after work. Sundays I have Kidling while John works, and we haven’t bought the boy a new helmet yet, so I can’t ride on Sundays. Saturdays are a rare and beautiful riding day, and the ride out to the college is just gorgeous.
  2. John made bbq pork ribs today. Over the summer, he was browsing the free section of Craigslist a lot, and he found a charcoal grill/ smoker-grill. He bought it with the plan that we would be smoking sausages and salmon and whatnot, but we’ve pretty much just been grilling with it. Two weeks ago he made smoked bbq pork ribs, which I’ve never had, and they were glorious. Today he made them again, and it was equally glorious.
  3. Hard cider is delicious. I’m not a fan of beer or hard A, and wine gives me headaches. I don’t smoke pot, I’ve quit smoking cigarettes, and long story short I don’t really have any relaxing vices. About once every three weeks or so, I indulge in a hard cider. I’ve just recently (re)discovered (I had it once in pub back in December 2009) Strongbow Hard Cider, and it is delicious and awesome.
  4. I’m not a mormon anymore. Tomorrow is Sunday. If I was still mormon, I would currently be stressing about whatever assignment — talk, Relief Society lesson, Primary lesson, Young Women’s lesson, whatever — I had from church. I would also be stressing about my classes, my homework, the chores that aren’t getting done, the dinner menu, and my job. Added to all that mental/ emotional strain, I would have to wake up fairly early, get my entire family ready for church, and go spend 3 hours inside a stuffy building on my only day off. The entire time, I would be trying to prevent my 10 year old son from wriggling and moving too much. Then we would come home and eat dinner (preceded, of course, by prayer), and then we would do quiet “Sunday appropriate” activities until either the home teachers or the visiting teachers stopped by. Then scripture study, family prayer, and bedtime. Oh, and I would need to plan Family Home Evening for Monday night, so I would also be worried about when to do my homework for Tuesday’s class that I didn’t get the book for until today, and I would be hating myself for finding church too stressful, because a good mormon shouldn’t. And on top of all that, tomorrow is actually the first Sunday of the month, so it’s actually fast and testimony meeting. I’m so glad I left the church — for a variety of reasons, but I’m not going to pretend the absence of church-related stress isn’t a relief.

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