gratitude journal 9-28-12

  1. Payday! Today is payday, and I am grateful for that! 
  2. Sunshine: John and I ate lunch at a park a block or so away from my office today. It was sunny and warm, with the scent of fall curling through the air — apples and chimney smoke and that indefinable autumn smell. We played on the play equipment afterward and he spun me round until I felt sick and was walking all wobbly. It was a blast.
  3. Supportive bosses: Yesterday Mr. Boss (I have two bosses, the Mr. and Mrs.) stopped by my desk on the way out and said, “Lana, you’re really doing a great job. I like how organized and on top of things you are, and I’m really impressed with your turnaround on [project].” It was awesome. It made me feel all happy and contributing, like my presence here is really valued. I love supportive bosses.
  4. Eating out: I love to cook, but I also love to eat out. Today John and I were counting up the restaurants within a one-mile radius of our house, and we got up to 27. They’re building a Popeye’s Chicken and Red Robin soon, too! Plus, there are 4 grocery stores — 6 if you count Walmart and Walgreens, which I don’t because I never shop at Walmart and Walgreens is more of a drugstore — within walking distance. No matter what our inclination, it’s right there! It’s awesome, and I’m glad I live in such a diverse culinary area.
  5. Modern medicine: I love modern medicine. I loves vaccines and doctors and healthy diets. I love that we’re moving toward affordable healthcare for everyone. I love that I live in a day and age where things like cancer and HIV and diabetes can be treated and managed. I love biogenetics and gene research. I fucking love science!

Unrelated: Today’s Calorie Counter

  • Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs: 140; 1.5 cup coffee, 5; 2 tbls half n half: 40
  • Lunch: 1/2 pre-packed Safeway Cobb Salad: 155; 1/8 pack Bleu Cheese Dressing: 23.75; 1 Cottage Doubles pack: 100
  • Dinner: pre-packed Safeway Chef Salad: 250; 1/4 pack Buttermilk Ranch Dressing: 67.5; Cottage Doubles pack: 100



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